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Stepping Forth

Well the day has finally arrived, mentally we knew it would but can you ever really be prepared?

Our first-born is ready to move forth, to begin the next stage in her life’s journey.  A new beginning for us that will impact across many areas of our family dynamics.

Designing your own home education curriculum makes it is a little harder to pre-plan a clear concluding date.  Do you finish with a ‘grade’ level, when all assigned work is done, or use age as your guide?  As Koala draws closer to her 18th, age seems a good definitive, but mostly we have been guided by her needs. We were expecting to have a few more months yet; to finish at the end of the year or at least the end of next term, but not only has Koala completed her studies, more importantly she is READY.  I used to wonder if you would know when your child was ready to venture forth, it has become very clear.

So what’s the plan?
Plan 1) Tomorrow Koala begins her first day at TAFE studying Certificate 3 in Business Bookeeping. 

Plan 2)  However, in the past month she also applied for a Cadetship as a ‘Systems Officer’ and has been short listed!!  This is a wonderful opportunity to have a challenging career, with great potential.

Koala is looking forward to the challenge of external pressures, to hand in assignments with deadlines, and to have the opportunity to compare her work to others.

Koala is also very keen to begin her working life, to experience new challenges, to gain independence, to fly out into the world, to test herself and see how she fares.  Simply, she is quietly confident and eager.

Truthfully we’re so proud of our young lady, she has many talents and a beautiful personality, we feel assured she will do well in whatever she undertakes.

Her skills test and interview are tomorrow, 9am!!  Please, please pray, she would so love to be offered the Cadetship.

Update:  Thank you for your prayers.  Koala did very well in both her skills test and interview, she felt relaxed and confident.  We now have another month until we hear if she has been selected for the position.
Her first day of Tafe also was a success, she has come home bubbling, full of tales to share.  We are pleased to see her so happy.

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