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Swimming Carnival

Easter Thursday saw our family traveling to our local Home Education Swimming Carnival. One of the wonderful things I love about the area we live in the opportunities our Home Educated children have, we do not take it for granted that they are privileged to have swimming and athletic carnivals and end of year concerts. These events are not common and not in all areas.

The children were keen, this was the second year we had attended and Princess particularly had been preparing hard for the last couple of terms with swimming lessons. Imagine Princess’ joy when she won most of her races:) and then she was pretty proud to win her first trophy:)

In fact all of the children tried their hardest and succeeded in winning trophies for their age divisions. The child I was the most impressed with though was Jelly Bean, at only three years of age she insisted on swimming 25 meters. Koala swam along side her and asked several times if she wanted to get out, but no JB was determined to swim to the end!

Well done children:) and a big thank you to the organisers and the other competitors.

Here the dc lined up their trophies and ribbons for Dad to see as he walked in the door.

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