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The Wide View: Homeschool High School Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of the Homeschool High School Carnival!  We have a broad and fascinating line up of contributions, grab a cuppa and spend time perusing the shared stories from these homeschooling families, may you feel inspired, encouraged and supported.

The Wide View:

How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into what your highschoolers do on a daily/weekly basis? Do you generalise or specialise?

Angela shares: Taking the Road Less Traveled in High School. Angela provides a brief history of how the way her teens learn is dependent on the philosophy of freedom within limits they have developed over the years, we catch a brief glimpse of some of the tools they’ve developed together to keep on track for the day-to-day.

Jen shares: A Panorama Unfolds: High School as Twice Blessed. Jen shares their family home education philosophy as
Classical-Charlotte Mason and the wide and vivid panorama that they have
uncovered as a family in staying true to their family philosophy of education
through high school.  She values
Charlotte Mason’s words in characterizing their high school experience as one
that is “twice blessed: it blesses him that gives and him that

Sally shares: Planning and the Wide Angle Lens. Sally philosophises about her beliefs regarding what students should learn and how? Sally is passionate about the humanities and Western Civilization, and  giving a high-school student the means to pursue a rigorous education in a self-directed way.

Vicky shares: The Big Picture. Vicky is committed to providing her family with a quality education one that is rich in spiritual and cultural ideas and which allows her children the freedom to explore their potential and discover their passions.

Chari and Willa share: The Wide View. Willa and Chari share how homeschooling high school lets them focus on freedom, challenge and family.

Erin shares: The Mission, The Strategy, The Focus.  Erin is endeavouring to prepare her children to be effective communicators, encouraging them to take an active part in directing their education.

Leonie shares: The Big Picture in the Teen Years. Leonie has captured a brief glimpse of her week.  In the teen years Leonie’s family focus on building memories and experience, developing self regulation and following interests, with an emphasis on family, faith and friends.

Gae shares: Lifestyle of Learning..Yes That’s Home Education. Gae’s family fosters a homeschooling lifestyle, education is supported within their home environment with their family culture being the core of their curriculum.

Joy shares: Dear Daughter. Joy’s letter to her teen daughter, outlines her goals and desires for her daughter’s education as she matures.

Meredith shares: A Living Books Education. The backbone of learning in Meredith’s home is inspired by  Charlotte Mason, her philosophy guides Meredith as she plans and organises using ‘delicious’ booklists, “highschool a time when living books reign supreme.”

Lori shares: Helping Our Students Find the Reason for Their Studies. Lori discusses helping our high schoolers to find the link between their studies and the fulfilment of their created purpose and longings. How to help our students see the ‘big picture’.

Susan shares: Homeschool Highschool Ramblings: Our Guiding Vision, Spirit of Our Homeschool High School and Learning Really is Atmosphere.  Susan is a veteran homeschool mum of four graduates.  I sought permission from her to include her wisdom here and she graciously agreed, I couldn’t choose just one as all her posts are so insightful.

Off the Beaten Path:

Karen Edmisten shares: You Find What Works and You Do It.  Karen shares an incredible four part series on finding what works for your family, the reality, the opportunities, the nitty-gritty.

Annie Kate shares: Resources: Overviews on How to Homeschool High School. Annie Kate has compiled a list of ‘how to’ books from which she has gleaned support, she shares with us each books strengths and weaknesses.

The next Homeschool High School Carnival on October 1st will be hosted by Jen at Wildflowers and Marbles. The suggested topic will be Writing and Composition in High School. You are most welcome to join us.  
Thank you to all our contributors for a wonderful launch and to our readers for taking the time to read and comment:)

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