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A Treasured Day

Today is my birthday; it has been a lovely day and I thank my family for making me feel treasured:)

The children accomplished all their lessons with no fuss and all day they have been admonishing one another to be on their best behaviour for mum’s birthday. I was treated to our special birthday cereal for breakfast; Einstein spoiled me and made salad sandwiches for lunch served on the best plate, he a wonderful child for the extra touches; Jelly Bean was so excited to make Honey Jumbles with her big sister as a treat for me. We had dinner on the riverbank in town tonight after gymnastic lessons.

This evening I received my gifts, Amanda Blake Soule’s The Creative Family, How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections, I’m so excited to receive this, it looks so good, visual and doable, this really may intend be the year I become a crafter!:) I am certainly inspired. Thank you PC and children:) I have to admit my other present has me a little baffled, new slasher blades for the tractor, is PC wanting me to become a slasher as well?

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