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Watching Paint Dry

With the decking completed on the end verandah we no longer had any impediments to painting the eaves and wall on the northside.

The past weekend saw a primer coat on the eaves

fortunately the team were in high spirits and set to work in a spirit of high jinks.

By the end of the afternoon they had not only rolled on the primer coat

they had also painted the first ceiling coat, Gentle Touch (Dulux).

Once the second coat was dry and the walls washed down with sugar soap we were keen to begin painting the first coat on the walls,

we had chosen, Sandbank (Dulux) and are thrilled with our choice.

After agonising over paint charts and pinning madly at Pinterest, the extremely helpful lady at the paint shop helped us with choices.  Essentially we were bound by the existing colours surrounding the house,

primrose window frames, heritage green gutters and red ironbark decking narrowed the field.  We also wanted to respect our country setting, hence our selection.

Our ‘wall team’ consisted of Princess,10 and Michelangelo, 13 we were impressed with the quality of their workmanship.

Whilst in this shot, due to the sun’s reflection, the colour appears yellow

its tones are more of a sandy, green, brown hue.
We’re taking great pleasure looking at our house, ‘it really looks like a house we exclaim:)’

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