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December 18th, 2006

Last week found us finally with keys in hand for our new property. As I came out of the real estate office I could feel this big grin on my face I couldn’t stop smiling and it wasn’t because of the overflowing basket of goodies that I carried in my arms courtesy of the agents. Mind you the smell of the chocolate in the basket was rather delicious and the champagne seemed like something to look forward to also. The day was fraught with dramas but we rose to the occasion and didn’t worry at all. Early in the day the children arose eager to pack the car and be waiting at 12pm to pick up the keys. The plan went well and we were already to leave when it was discovered that the keys had been locked into the house. For the next half an hour we tried to break back into our house we had some very worrying moments as the boys perched on the second story roof trying to open the screens to their rooms, unsuccessfully. In the end we were successful in getting the keys and made it to the agents on time.
It was a most satisfying moment driving up and realising that it was finally ours. In fact it still is sinking in days later that we own 140 acres! It is also a daunting task to try to fit nine people and belongings into a house (read cabin) that is one quarter the size of our previous home. We plan on LOTS of ourdoor living here in fact our dinning room IS the front verandah.
We unloaded our first load and returned to town for our next load. When we returned disaster had struck! to be continued…..

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