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What Happens When You Juice

The time is drawing nearer, my sister is getting married in a few weeks:) so I have been getting serious about losing weight so as to look my best in my Matron of Honour’s dress.

Part of my regime is to juice for breakfast, hence no cereal and no biscuits, cake or bread. I am astounded at how well I feel, how much more energy I have, and how much I have accomplished in one week! Oh and so far I have lost 2kilos and 3cm+ off the waist:) I was sharing this with a friend yesterday and she suggested that perhaps it is not only the juicing but perhaps I may have a wheat intolerance, people who do so find they have so much more energy when off wheat. Mmm food for thought.

It is definitely paying dividends though, in one week I have:
-Deep cleaned and de-cluttered the girls’ room.
-Deep cleaned and de-cluttered the boys’ room. (Amassing two garbage bags of items for the op-shop)
-De-cluttered my bedroom
-De-cluttered the loungeroom, reorganising the TV Unit and the craft cupboard. (Amassing a garbage bag for the rubbish)
-De-cluttered the kitchen.
-Thoroughly de-cluttered the laundry.
-Thoroughly cleaned the bathroom
-Covered a pile of books with book wrap.
-Changed the theme on my display shelves to Australian books.
-Nearly completed a listing in liturgical order of all our saints books and resources. (Massive job)
-Completed listing all the books read during 2007.
Bound all of the children’s work.
-Created a family Timeline.

And towards the end of the week I succumbed to the vomiting bug going throughout the family so I used that time lying down to plan most of what we will be studying for 2008.

Before you get depressed let me assure you that this is SO unusual for me, I’m the person who hears what other people do, thinks it sounds great but never gets started. It’s all because of the juicing or perhaps the lack of wheat. All I know is I’m off to start on this week’s list and I had my juice this morning;)

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