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What I have been busy doing

I’ve been busy this last fortnight spending many hours entering our personal library into a database. Using Readerware I have been able to create a book database by scanning in the barcode(thank you Prince Charming for the scanner) or entering the ISBN of our books. In many cases I have typed in author and title manually if the book is pre ISBN
(1960s). I now have our home library manageable due to this software.

The neatest feature that I love is the ‘category’ option. Today I was able to enter in ‘Christmas’ and view our relevant books to aid in my planning for Advent. I first trialled the program for free for thirty days and loved it so much that we decided it was indeed worthwhile.

Another program that you many like to check out is Library Thing I believe it is free for the first couple of hundred books and then you pay.

Ah I know my friends are wondering just how many books do we own? Well I am shocked to discover I have 3,649 books entered. I hasten to add I inherited my entire family library which was extensive and I have been blessed to find many great second hand finds, God is indeed good.

Well I must go, I have a good book awaiting;-)

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  • dh

    I just wanted to add that this count does not include the 40 or 50 boxes+ of books in storage, out the back, for future use by dw (darling wifette) and her younger siblings!

  • Erin

    Hey Gorgeous
    I didn’t want to admit to the ‘other’ books I thought it might sound like I have an addiction or something which we both know is just NOT true.

    For clarity, of the 100 boxes of books in the shipping container 40 boxes are awaiting for our future nieces and nephews. And of our 60 I have already entered some of them into Readerware.

  • jenmack

    Well, you won’t get any grief from me – except to say that I’m jealous I don’t have 40 or 50 delicious little boxes of books sitting in my garage. I’m ashamed that I don’t have 3,649 books either. I’ll have to work on that – I’m headed to my favorite used book store next week 🙂

    I love the book cataloging idea though Erin. It would be really helpful for celebrating the liturgical year. I know I’m missing some treasures each Advent!

    Great post!

  • Bride to Be

    Hello dear big sister. Hehe, I had a good chuckle when I read this post. I especially laughed when I read about the 40 boxes of books in storage for me and Dear Fiance and our future children! 🙂 He doesn’t understand why I have purchased these two big bookcases with not many books in them. Wait until he finds out that I might need another 4 or 5 such bookcases.
    Thank you for all your effort.
    Bride xx

  • Erin

    Well Bride to be, I did consider sending my b-i-l to be a heads up on this post;)but then thought better of it. lol.

    Jen, Great to ‘see’ you feeling better.

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