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Why Seven Little Australians

Over at 4 Real Learning we have been discussing the meanings behind our blog names.

When I was pregnant with my seventh child I looked forward to being able to say I had Seven Little Australians. For those not familiar with Australian literature Seven Little Australians is an Australian classic written in 1894 by Ethel Turner This is her first book of the escapades of a family of seven children. These children are not angels, they are a wild mob but they have touched the hearts of many an Australian. I well remember first reading the book as a child. I loved the children, I laughed with them, was shocked at some of their naughtiness and how I cried at the climax of the story. No I won’t spoil the story for you, suffice it to say I cried for days

With seven children of my own it was the natural step to take the name Seven Little Australians for my blog. One of my brothers has asked what will I do if we are blessed with another? Well I’ll change my blog name to another theme. Something to do with literature no doubt.

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