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100th Birthday Celebrations

December 7th, 2006

Early this week saw us in Sydney for the celebration of Prince Charming’s Great Aunt’s 100th Birthday. What amazing accomplishments this lady has achieved, and for God, for Prince Charming’s aunt is a Bride of Christ.
Mother Mark or Sister Mark was born in 1906 the seventh of ten children, in 1928 she left her home to join the Sisters of Little Mary. Many achievements for God followed, some of these include the role of Mother Superior for a number of years and the founding of a hospital in Canberra, Calvary Hospital. She also started a training centre for the care of female psychiatric patients and the Good Sisters had a excellent reputation in the caring of these women. In the 1960s she started a mission to Korea and she has also traveled to Rome.
The birthday was attended by over 170 family members travelling from all over the country. Telegrams were read from the Queen, the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and the State Premier. Later when discussing with another nun as to why the Holy Father didn’t send a telegram she explained that he sends them for Jubilee’s but not for birthdays. Upon reflection that does seem more fitting, when Mother celebrated her Jubilee I’m sure that the telegram from the Holy Father was more treasured than the one from the Queen. However I did think the Queen’s telegram was lovely,gracious and personal as she signed it simply ‘Elizabeth’.
Considering her advanced years Mother Mark was still rather spritely and aware. It was a privelge to attend.

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