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14 Things I Learnt in 2014

I know I’ve already shared a few reflections about 2014, but when I read Gina’s 14 Things I Learnt in 2014 (thanks for the HT: Theresa) I couldn’t resist joining the fun. Yes I know her post really says Learned but that’s American speak, I was compelled to change the wording to English, so Learnt it is;)  So the first fourteen things that come to mind….

1. Savouring your baby’s first year in your 40s has a different tone to enjoying your baby in your 20s, the feeling just goes ‘down to the bones’.

2. Talking about your 40s, this decade does change you in many ways, and I’ve finally accepted myself for who I am, I’m happy:)

3. I can survive the most incredibly full rich year and do so reasonably well, but to enable this I have to par down totally. Commitments, relationships, belongings etc all have to be assessed. God and family come first and I do enjoy my own company.

4. To survive ‘the year that was’ it was essential to stop and take ‘time out’ with my husband.  I totally treasured our dates. They didn’t need to be elaborate, nor long, sometimes it was just a ‘drink at the pub’ whilst waiting for our dancing girl, but they made all the difference.

5. Taking care of your health is important, really important. Eliminating gluten and diary can have a major impact.  Theoretically I knew this but now I’ve actually experienced it.

6. Life’s challenges do indeed make you stronger. They first however bring you to your knees, in which you learn to throw yourself on His Mercy and He gives in abundance.

7. Good friends are a blessing and I am extremely grateful for the solid friendships I have been blessed with. Friends who have supported me through the easy times and the hard, who understand me and give unconditional support and love, I’m blessed indeed.

8. I can successfully cook a sourdough loaf and make chicken stock. Rather impressed with myself;) Now to actually use the chicken stock…

9. Discovering my clothing style first meant accepting who I was, not who I wanted to be. I now assess clothes differently, trying a few different designs, homing in on certain fabrics and colours, eschewing black.

10. I really dislike visual clutter but I am surrounded by the belongings of twelve people with their various needs and interests.  What to do?  Slowly I am creating ways in which to screen the visual impact, but I feel as if I’m fighting a never ending battle.

11. Photography brings me pleasure, I’m learning plenty and slowly improving. I enjoy the creativity, though I still don’t take enough photos.

12. Having an ensuite makes me feel like a Princess, it really does. Every day I feel like I’m holidaying in a motel, makes all the difference:)

13. I realised that my husband and children have a very different approach to tackling a job to me, and that’s okay.  One working style isn’t better than the other, just different. I now appreciate that my style however really irritates my family also it doesn’t motivate them to achievement, a lot of ‘issues’ now become clearer.

14. Our Bella is a screamer, she ‘converses’ with really high pitched screams. I’m not very tolerant of screaming, she better learn to talk quickly.

What did you learn in 2014?
I’d love to know from the absurd to the profound. Either here or join in the linky fun over at Gina’s.

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  • Theresa

    Fabulous list! I feel the same way about your number 10. I am not a "clutter person" but it's been a part of our life since about child no. 4 🙂 My husband says I should except it with joy since it's a reflection of our life with five beautiful children. I'm still working on that.
    And No. 15!!!!! Our baby is a screamer also. It's very, very hard. You have my complete sympathy.

  • Sharyn

    So many things I would like to say but just can't put into words. How I'd love to be able to pop round and have a cup of tea with you. Someday maybe…

    Beautiful pictures! You are going to have to frame some of these.

  • Deborah

    I could totally relate to a number of those items.

    I always thought you had 7 children but I've just realised that you've actually got 10. { I've seen you post on other blogs and just assumed you had the 7 }.

  • Anna

    Hi! I'm here via Gina! loved your recap and your beautiful photos of your family! Also, love the "English speak." I wish we all spoke like that here in the states! Happy New Year!

  • Erin

    What a lovely thought! I will change my thinking hence forth. Your husband is a special guy.

    Cassie, thanks{}

    Gina, welcome:)and thank you. I've added your blog to my feedly too:)

    Sharyn, love you to ring and we could chat, sending you my number. Love to know all you want to say:)

    Deborah, Welcome:) Yes the title is misleading, we did have seven when I began my blog.

    Anna, welcome:) off to check out your blog, glad you like our English speak:)

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