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2015: A Brand New Year

Happy New Year!:)
I’m always excited to greet the beginning of a new year, fresh with new possibilities, new adventures to live, new dreams to unfurl.  This year in part I’m also a little keen to usher out 2014, which whilst a year of many, many, blessings, was also a year of many challenges.

I enjoy setting goals for the New Year, this action gives me clarity and direction, by thinking about and recording my goals I have a good chance of reaching many of them. I’m realistic in knowing that it’s all a ‘work in progress’ and each year isn’t that dissimilar to the last, I’m happy with that.

For the past few years I’ve selected one Word to ‘sum up’ my dreams for the year and this year I’ve chosen a Word that is rather a different one for me, but it just kept coming to mind and wouldn’t budge. I’m pretty excited about my Word.

Word for 2015

  • Joy
Reclaim my JOY in the everyday and greet the challenges with JOY.

My Goals for 2015 

When I thought about Goals for this year I realised a Vision was needed before I could begin outlining my Plan. I probably over think but experience has taught me in many areas of my life that I need make things Specific and Measurable for anything to actually occur.  Just sharing the highlights here, but be assured I have written the ‘essay version’ down in my notebook;)


  • Family Prayers nightly
  • Attend one Mass through the week
  • Monthly Confession
  • Read the books on my reading plan (list to follow)
  • Avoid gluten and dairy
  • Walk daily
  • In my quest to be a calmer person, mediate upon Our Lady of the Way, focusing on her image helps me, always
  • At least one ‘date’, informal or formal, with PC weekly
  • Phone/skype our ‘away’ children weekly
  • Enjoy spending time individually with each child at least once a week
  • Phone/skype at least one sibling weekly
  • Language Arts is our focus this year.  Reading, Literature, Spelling, Writing each child has their area/s of need
  • Be consistent in implementing our cleaning routine twice daily
  • Continue with our extension plans
Digital Media
  • In our quest to maintain healthy screen habits, all family members are to adhere to ‘their’ screen times.
  • Take at least 10 photos daily
  • Complete my PDS Cheese course
  • Search for clothes/accessories that suit ‘my style’ by op-shopping monthly
  • Post at least two blog posts weekly (still pondering the direction of my blog for 2015)
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