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2014: Word, Goals

Happy New Year!!
A New Year, full of new possibilities, new opportunities, new experiences all waiting to unfurl.

A New Year always brings with it the thought of fresh starts, a chance to begin again. Yet are we really beginning anew? It’s rather difficult when we aren’t starting with a blank slate, we travel into the New Year with ourselves, with our past successes and imperfections already imprinted.

Reflecting over my past words and resolutions I see that my interests haven’t changed, each year I still struggle in certain areas, my goals are relatively the same, and I’m good with this, I’m comfortable.

The word that has chosen me this year I’m defining as an active verb.  The dictionary doesn’t quite define it as this but it speaks as such to me.


Be Present
Be Available
Be Listening
Be Responsive
Be Gracious
Be Consistent
Be Prayerful
Be Silent


Reflecting upon my goals which are similar to past years I decided to change how I defined them slightly. Pam recently wrote about keeping resolutions and this advice particularly struck me.

Make them specific and measurable

Therefore rather than being ‘airy-fairy’ I’ve focused on clarity.


  • Family to gather for prayers each morning and evening.
  • Family Faith studies on a regular basis, more on this goal later.
  • Read at least four ‘thought provoking, mind expanding’ books a month.
  • Regain my stomach muscles through regular exercise.
  • Family diet to be overhauled, healthy, nutritious real food diet.
  • Focus on individual moments with my husband and each child. Every day to spend focused time with at least one individual.
  • Academic excellence for each child, particularly Einstein who is undertaking his last year of studies with us.  So many needs for each child, I’ll be more specific later.
  • Daily cleaning routine to become a strong habit.
  • Bedtime routine to be overhauled.
  • Screen time parameters for the children to be adhered to. Out of balance here.
  • Take at least 10 photos daily, focusing on photos of children and our daily life. 
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