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13 for 13: Favourite Photos for 2013

Joining Pam in sharing my favourite 13 photos from 2013, a photo for each month, either ones shared previously or unseen gems.  In the interest of speed (for myself) I’m sharing previously shared photos from my blog posts. Though after completing this I wondered if I should have shared favourite pics of each child rather than favourite photos from each month. Something to work towards next year, ‘take more photos of each child.’

Preparing for and assembling our pool, a family effort. This project was nearly our ‘Waterloo’.
Beginner readers enjoying the journey together.
Two brothers sharing a birthday week
I rarely remember to take photos of everyday life, so pleased I managed to do so.
A Treehouse Masterpiece built by our 13 and 11 year olds.
Joining in A Portrait a Week for the first time.  Loved this shot of our oldest girl, captured her gorgeous eyes.


A Portrait a Week was a wonderful link up, I became far more conscious and consistent of capturing my children on camera.  This girl never lets work inhibit fashion style.


Our girls made their Confirmation and Jack Jack received his First Holy Communion, all on the same day.  A very special day indeed:)
Bass (2), gorgeous as ever



 Our oldest three enjoying the Ball




Jem (5) participating in our in our local fun run.  This just makes us laugh, he ran and placed so well, all tuckered out at the finish line.


Completely impossible to beat, our newborn daughter Bella! The pinnacle of our year!!!:):):)


A bonus shot because you just can’t have enough of baby delishness.
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