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2017: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ! May 2017 bring you many blessings.

It’s the New Year already with plenty of fresh possibilities and like many I’ve been considering My Word for the New Year.


My Word for 2017 is Intentional.

Intentional, particularly about my use of time which then flows on to so many other areas; relationships, parenting, prayer life, health, home management and all sorts of achievements. Yep intentional sums it up.




To be honest I find myself rather bewildered to already be in a New Year when it feels as if the last year hasn’t drawn to a close. I can’t convince myself I’m in 2017 until my brain ‘wraps up’ the last year and I am frustrated as I don’t seem to recall what we actually did in 2016. I suspect it’s the heat sapping week we’ve just experienced, 41C/106F days surely drain the brain at least I hope it’s that and not that we just drifted through an entire year. Perhaps a ‘blog year in review’ will solve the problem and I may just discover we didn’t drift after all.


Wishing you a fantastic 2017! 🙂


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  • Marijke

    Happy New year gorgeous! Wishing you lots of love and good health this year for you and your loved ones.
    Loving this rain, so does my brain…
    Kitchen renovation, purging and that beautiful library kept you very busy this year.
    Definitely no slacking!!! 😉

    • Erin

      Aw thank you, you too xxx Praying for positive action for your sweet girl this year.
      The rain is wonderful, our grass is no longer brown! Time to get a garden going.
      Ah you’re correct how did I forget all those achievements. Must have been the heat draining all thoughts.

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