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2016 The Year That Was: 2017 The Year That Will Be

Every blogger is motivated to write for differing reasons. When I began blogging twelve years ago my initial impetus was to record glimpses of our family life and whilst that vision has shifted to encompass a bigger picture, much of the ‘family diary’ flavour remains. After spending the first couple of days of this year unable to recall what we actually did in 2016, half convinced we mush have just drifted through an entire year, I am rather grateful that I blog. Scrolling back through posts I was pleased to discover we didn’t drift, we did achieve, there was lots of living. Although it wasn’t a strong blogging year as I was in a writing slump much of the year, whilst some of that was due to ‘too busy living, no time to write,’ at least that’s what I kept telling my most loyal reader (PC) whenever he kept requesting more posts, there were other reasons, however first let’s have a look at the highlights I wrote this year.






June, October and December:

  •  Only wrote our monthly Daybook posts, a commitment I faithfully kept each month and a favourite posts for some readers. These posts are a closer glimpse of our day to day life and I also included pictures in here of events such as my brother’s Wedding and our beach holiday.






  • Finally I was able to Reveal our Kitchen!! A momentous moment and we are extremely happy with this space, it looks so attractive and works well. We recently hosted 25 people for Boxing Day lunch and it was incredible to see how smoothly our new kitchen functioned.
  • Plenty of book chat with our annual Leaping into Literature posts, we began our fourth yeardived deep and petered out, book posts are time consuming to write. Then began a new long intended book series on Catholic Literature with Catholic Fiction for 7-12 year olds.
  • Concluded November with raving about the artistic talent Artventure has bought forth.

Thus ends The Year That Was. So what caused the writing slump? Last year and in part the year before I spent too much time researching and reading posts about ‘How to make your blog grow, stand out, be successful’ and designing and redesigning my ‘blog look’ and not enough time on writing actual content. According to all the ‘experts’ there’s a definitive list of how blogging should look today, this explains why the ‘successful bloggers’ are ‘succeeding,’ and so in an effort to ‘keep fresh’ I continually re-designed my ‘blog look’ whilst trying to discern my ‘new direction’. However I was so uncertain as to what my ‘new voice’ should be that I lost my voice, I lost confidence in what to write because it didn’t ‘fit’  with what ‘they’ said the new face of blogging should be. That I wish to change, I want my voice back.


Where to go forward from here? What will The Year That Will Be look like?  Discerning why I wish to continue blogging today has been part of my ‘where to go from here’ process. A large part of my impetus to write continues to be a wish to record glimpses of our family life, too I desire to be of some assistance and encouragement to my readers by ‘sharing me’.  So I won’t be setting the blogosphere on fire in 2017 whilst ‘growing my blog’, instead I’ll ignore the ‘experts’ and continue happily being a small voice, sharing more than in 2016, rediscovering my voice through good old fashioned blogging. Looking foward to writing more 🙂


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  • Mary

    I love your writing, I love your pictures. I love seeing your journey half way across the world.
    I understand slumps, I’m in one now. Sometimes nothing to say, too much to say, painful to share…
    But all worth it in the end, I think.
    Wishing you abundant blessings this 2017!!

    • Erin

      Thank you for your words of encouragement {{}} I feel just the same way about your blog posts xx
      I have experienced slumps before quite common to us as writers of several years, but this time was different, too much listening to the ‘experts’. However you’re slump is understandable, some stories are not ours in full to share, yet they impact our words, our emotions, the words become bottle necked. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers my friend xx

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