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35 Amazing Easter Books for Children & Teens

Sharing 35 Amazing Easter Books for Children & Teens that we have collected for over the past decade and a half. Our emphasis has been on finding Christ Centered Easter books. We have slowly gathered together an amazing collection of picture, chapter and anthology books.  With Holy Week beginning in less than a week away our books are out and we’re diving in reading. May you enjoy browsing our Mega pile of Easter books, do feel free to ask any questions, and I’d love more suggestions, particularly chapter books.

Palm Sunday

Little Colt’s Sunday – Michelle Medlock Adams
I was very excited to find a picture book for Palm Sunday. Little Colt whose great-great-grandpa carried Mary to Bethlehem is honoured to be selected to carry Our Lord for His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the story is told from the perspective of Little Colt.

Warm illustrations, rhyming text, quite cute and appealing. 4 Star




Holy Week



Benjamin’s Box – Melody Carlson
One of our very, very favourites:) the children eagerly look forward to this book on Good Friday morning and the accompanying treasure egg hunt. Benjamin has gathered treasures that represent moments throughout Holy Week  5 Star




Easter Swallows – Vicki Howie

The Easter story retold by a pair of swallows who are building a nest in the garden in which Jesus is buried.  Simple enough to hold the interest of little ones.  My favourite line is “Backwards and forwards they flew, carrying great globules of mud in their beaks.”  Isn’t globules a delicious word?  Very simple illustrations, light colours, sweet, but undiluted. 4 Star



The Thornbush – Michael Laughlin
A small thornbush grows in the streets of Jerusalem, the bush feels ugly and unwanted.  Jesus passes with his hands tied and gazes at the bush with gentle care.  The soldiers make a crown of thorns from the bush’s branches.  The bush is ashamed and refuses to bloom, but when Jesus’ rises from the dead, the bush blooms.  Illustrations use warm colours. Gentle, reflective. 4 Star



The Wood of the Cross


The following three books are based on a similar storyline.

The Tale of The Three Trees – Angela Elwell Hunt
Three trees, all have grand dreams, it appears that their dreams fail miserably and yet…. their dreams do come to fruition. A big favourite. Clear illustrations. 4 Star


The Legend of the Three Trees – Catherine McCafferty
A beautiful story about three trees who have big dreams, dreams involving grandeur, their dreams are doomed to fail or so they think. A favourite of ours suitable for either Christmas or Easter. 4 Star


The Proud Tree- Luane Roche
This storyline is similar to the two ‘Three Trees’. ‘Rex’ thinks he is a tree worthy for a king. But to his horror he is chopped down to be a cross for a crucifixion. However the proud Rex learns a lesson from the humble, gentle Jesus. A longer text, black and white illustrations. 4 Star




Stations of the Cross


Children’s Stations of the Cross – Susan Andrews Brindle
Lengthy text both in English and Spanish.  Brindle’s books are too waffly for me, gathering dust. 1 Star




The Story of the Cross – Mary Joslin
Every year we use this book for meditation on Good Friday, very basic but clear to children.  4 Star


Easter Sunday



The Little Rose of Sharon – Nan Gurley

A beautiful story of sacrifice, a rose gives up her most prized possession (her lovely petals) to save a baby dove. The illustrations are beautiful, a favourite. 4 Star

Petook An Easter Story – Caryll Houselander
Petook the rooster and Martha the hen become the proud parents of 12 chicks. A young boy enters the vineyard and Petook rushes to protect his family, but all is well the boy is gentle.  Years pass and Petook is unhappy, on the hill three crosses stand and unknown to him on one Cross hangs the boy. Three days later Petook and Martha have a new batch of chickens. A reflection of the joy of the Resurrection.  Gentle introduction to the Resurrection and the symbolism of the Easter egg. 4 Star


Easter in the Garden – Pamela Kennedy
Micah a gardener’s son finds bird eggs in a tree, climbing down he hears and sees a crowd of angry people and Roman soldiers, he runs come scared to his mother.  His mother is crying and tells him their friend Jesus is dead. On Sunday morning Micah runs to the garden to see how the eggs fare, he sees the women on their way to the tomb and a man in a white robe who speaks to the women.  He realises Jesus is alive and then watches the eggs hatch.
Gentle Resurrection and egg symbolism story. 4 Star


Easter Stories

The First Easter – Carol Heyer
Clear illustrations with straightforward text describing Holy Week and Easter.  The Last Supper needs some alteration for clarity to reflect our Catholic worldview, this book bothers me a little. Easy for the younger children to follow. 2.5 Star





The Story of Easter – Mary Joslin

A simple storyline of the story of Easter, with soft illustrations. My only reservation about this book is early on when the author writes “Mary traveled to Bethlehem with her husband-to-be Joseph.” This inaccuracy jars in an otherwise great book. 3.5 Star




On That Easter Morning – Mary Joslin
Retelling of the Easter story from Palm Sunday through to the Resurrection.  Accurately told, a fair amount of text on each page, the casual rewording of Scriptural style is slightly jarring. Soft illustrations.
3.5 Star




The Very First Easter – Paul Maier

This book has lengthy text, plenty of Biblical quotes and beautiful illustrations.  The text is so long I rarely read it, tending to give to an older child to read to themselves.  Told mostly in a dialogue style between a child and his parents, not Catholic in tone. 2 Star




Easter Story – Gennady Spirin
After reading reviews highly recommending it we ordered this book.  Based on the KJV with gorgeous illustrations, it is just perfect!

5 Star


The Easter Story – Brian Wildsmith
The story of Easter retold through the eyes of the little donkey that carried Jesus. From Palm Sunday throughout the events of Holy Week till the Resurrection we follow the donkey. Incredibly illustrated like all of Brian Wildsmith’s books, a treasure we love.

*Contains an inaccuracy,  Mary the Mother of God goes to the tomb on Easter Sunday morn. 4.5 Star



Liturgical Year

Introduction to the Liturgical Year – Inos Biffi

My friend Jenn has urged me to collect all of InosBiffi’s books, and I was pleased with this one, thanks Jenn.

To be used throughout the whole liturgical year, we read several pertinent pages at Eastertime. Extremely indepth and yet concise.  The illustrations have an iconic feel. Excellent!! 5 Star+!



The Way of the Cross – Inos Biffi
Another excellent book of Biffi’s.  Perfect for children to gain an indepth understanding of their Faith, by no means watered down.
Excellent!  5 Star+!




Egg Titles

 The Legend of the Easter Egg – Lori Walburg
Written for little ones to explain the meaning of Easter. By the same author as ‘The Legend of the Candy Cane’, disappointing as not as well done as the ‘Candy Cane.’ 3 Star

Rechenka’s Eggs – Patricia Polacco
Vibrant pictures depicting the decorative beauty of Ukrainian painted eggs. The tale of Babushka who is preparing her eggs for the Easter Festival when she takes in an injured goose who shows her miracles happen. We enjoy looking at the pictures for inspiration when we paint our eggs. 5 Star



The Egg Tree – Katherine Milhous
Katy is on an egg hunt on Easter morning at her Grandmom’s when she finds a special set of eggs. Grandmom decided to hang the eggs from the branches of a tiny tree – an Egg Tree, beginning a very special Easter tradition. 4 Star


Easter Eggs for Anya – Virginia Kroll
Another new purchase, Anya’s family is too poor to buy eggs to decorate then Anya finds goose eggs and plans a surprise for her family. But God has an even better surprise in store. My children were mesmerised. The illustrations are very colourful, informative information about pysanky eggs and their symbolism.  5 Star


The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes – Marjorie Flack
A fun tale about five Easter Bunnies who delivered eggs to all the boys and girls. 3 Star




Chapter Books


Vinegar Boy – Alberta Hawse
This as our Lenten read aloud each year. The story of a disfigured boy who takes the vinegar to Christ on the Cross and his life is changed forever. 5 Star




The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare

Set in Galilee in the time of Jesus, the story of a young Jewish rebel who is won over to the gentle teachings of Jesus. Daniel bar Jamin is fired by only one passion: to avenge his father’s death by crucifixion by driving the Roman legions from his land of Israel. He joins an outlaw band and leads a dangerous life of spying, plotting, and impatiently waiting to seek revenge. Headstrong Daniel is devoid of tenderness and forgiveness, heading down a destructive path toward disaster until he hears the lessons taught by Jesus of Nazareth


Amon’s Adventure – Arnold Ytreeide

Thirteen-year-old Amon, the son of Jotham and Tabitha, enjoys playing with his friends but is also ready to join his father in the temple court where only men are allowed. When Jotham is falsely accused of a terrible crime, Amon willingly sacrifices his childhood ways in order to save his father’s life. Along the way, he sees the jubilant crowds that gathered on Palm Sunday, outwits the Roman soldiers that planned to kill both his father and Jesus, hears the Messiah address the angry crowds, is present during the daring betrayal of Judas Iscariot, and witnesses the ultimate sacrifice made on Good Friday.

Older teens/adults


The Spear – Louis de Wohl,
The last days of Christ, climaxing at the Crucifixion  written from the eyes of the soldier, Longinus,  who pierced Christ on the Cross. One of my favourite authors.  5 Star 


The Robe – Lloyd C Douglas
The story of a soldier’s quest to find truth in a corrupt world.  The soldier Marcellus, wins Christ robe during the Crucifixion, thus begins his quest. Haven’t read


The Big Fisherman – Lloyd C Douglas
Set before the robe, this book focuses on Peter although not exclusively. Haven’t read



The Silver Chalice – Thomas B Costain
The story of Basil of Antioch who was commissioned to make the casing for the Chalice Jesus used at the Last Supper.  Basil travels to Rome to meet the apostles, braves persecution and makes a fateful choice. Haven’t read





Anthology Collections

Family Easter Treasury – Michael Hague

A joyous commemoration of Easter, thirty-two favorite stories, plays and poems chosen by Michael Hauge. Divided into four sections: A Time of Faith, which recounts the story of Christ’s death; A Time of Rebirth, which rejoices in the resurrection; A Time of Celebration, which extols the traditions of the Easter rabbit and painted eggs; and A Time of Love, which celebrates the wonder and new growth of the season. Something for all ages to enjoy.


The Easter Book of Legends and Stories – Alice Isabel Hazeltine and Elva Sophronia Smith

An anthology of great Christian Easter literature: stories, legends, drama, liturgical pieces and poetry by European and American authors including: Easter Eggs by Kate Seredy, The Maid of Emmaus by Agnes Sligh Turnbull and A Child’s Easter Song by Margaret Widdemer. Text illustrated with delicate pen and ink drawings by Pamela Bianco.


The Stone That Rolled Away – Judy Pelikan

Guideposts have collected together; stories, meditations, hymns, poems, prayers, art and music to read throughout Holy Week and on Easter Sunday.



Animal’s Easter – Avril Rowlands

Seven stories about Easter from Palm Sunday through Holy Week to Easter morning. Each story is retold from the point of view of an animal or bird who might have been present at these events, reflecting their feelings on Easter’s significance at this time.

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