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7 Quick Takes: Engagements And More Engagements

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Just over a month ago I wrote my first 7 Quick Takes after four years and had every intention regards sharing 7QT’s regularly, and yet three more 7QT’s have gone by and I’ve been missing in action.  Though if you’ve been reading my blog you’d realise plenty has been happening here in the interim. Five days after that post we were threatened with a bushfire, in which we were evacuated and subsequently had 85% of our land burnt, fortunately our house was spared. Too we’ve been enjoying the news and flurry of action since our eldest son Carpenter became engaged to his lovely fiancee Rose and we’ve been recovering from our youngest two sons’ Confirmations and subsequent weekend away with all our children together. We also floored a bedroom and I shared a belated post about laying floorboards in the hallway

Carpenter and Rose’s Engagement is only the first of a few in our family.  Last month my youngest sister became engaged!! My precious sister T is twenty years younger than me, yep only eighteen months older than our eldest, so in some ways she is my baby too. She is a beautiful young woman; strong, sensitive, adventurous and fun loving. Wishing T and her fiance A every happiness 🙂

Then a fortnight ago our nephew D and his girlfriend R became engaged! It appears it’s going to be Wedding Season for us again, during the last four years we’ve celebrated the Weddings of three siblings and six nieces and nephews. Party time.

All those Weddings translate to lots of babies!! A couple of months ago PC and I became a Great Auntie and Uncle again to the handsomest little lad!! and for the seventh time in three years!! We’ve also gained a couple of nieces and a nephew during that period too 🙂

Photo Credit: Emma Jade Photography/Emma Jade’s Website



I LOVE, LOVE Spring; the weather, the clothing, the anticipation and possibilities of new achievements. I’m thrilled that Spring has finally arrived. I’ve been busy making lists; lists of building tasks to be done, farm projects, yard clean ups, garden projects, lists of home making projects to tackle in the upcoming holidays.  Only two weeks to holidays and I’m planning on Spring cleaning the shipping container, our all purpose household storage unit.  Focusing on the shipping container is wise, it keeps me from turning my attention to PC’s shed, better for marital harmony 😉

And I’m really looking forward to the first paddle on the kayaks at the River, lazy days with kids and kayaks, doesn’t get better than that


As the Bushfire was funneled through our land, it meant that three of our boundary fences were burnt. We’ve had the insurance adjustors out and to our pleasant surprise we had a great outcome. We’ve now money to fix the fences, which were all damaged to varying degrees. First up before Spring growth takes a hold is to clear the fence line, there’s alot of work that needs doing out there, I’ve been on the phone pricing tonnes of rock for the new road over the Creek and mulch for the gardens. I’m rather looking forward to days outside, though it’s a juggle of hats set it all up


A few weeks back I passed my 50th Parkrun, quite the milestone and it meant more to me than I expected.  Coupled with the warmer weather I’ve been inspired to finally begun running during the week, usually when I’m in town minus little ones, waiting for older children. I was totally excited this week to realise that for the first time since I began Parkrun twenty months ago I was actually enjoying running!! What a feeling!


As Aussies know many of our major supermarkets have stopped using single use plastic bags.  Along with many others this has given me a good kick towards upping my game in the recycling arena and I still have lots of room for improvement. It was easy enough to get into the habit of always taking cloth bags when I go shopping, but a friend challenged me to consider the small, clear plastic bags that we use at the fruit and veg shop.  Last week our local Bridal shop got into the spirit of recycling and made up mesh bags with left over tulle from bridal veils and I was lucky enough to snag some, I’ve put them to use already. I just love my mesh bags and have plans to make more, I’ll be heading to the opshop to find suitable material


Sharing a blog with you that I’ve read forever, Se7en lives in South Africa, has eight children and has been homeschooling and blogging for nearly as long as I have.  Whilst I’ve always enjoyed reading Se7en’s book reviews and home education posts, her latest two are particularly full of wisdom! I’ve also been particularly inspired by her Green Living posts of late, unknown to her she is part of this ‘voice’ helping me to be more conscious of the waste we produce and how we can reduce. Mostly though Se7en’s Healthy Living posts are an inspiration and quite timely for me as I’m also struggling on a similar journey. After years of lots of babies, poor sleep, weight gain and unfitness Se7en is fighting her way to better health.  Not only are her posts illuminating, I had no idea of the effects of poor sleep, she is encouraging as she works towards becoming fitter, tackling the excuses we make as to why we can’t exercise and she challenges me to take a closer look at our diet, which whilst is pretty good could be better, we need to be eating a rainbow! I particularly love the fact that we both run at Parkruns, and amazingly we both ran our 50th on the same day in different continents!! Well done Se7en, so proud of you, you’re an inspiration xx


Only a couple of weeks till the end of Term, turning my attention to areas that need a good focus before we wrap up. I currently spend my days amazed at how application and desire make a huge difference in learning, great resources help too 😉 It’s a pleasure to have a child, one of tender years who is passionate about reading, writing and maths, it makes a huge difference. Not only does he progress quickly but he loves to learn. On a flip side I have another that…well let’s just say that my current observation is… you can lead a horse to water, but he won’t be drinking for long 😉

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    • Erin

      Yes you wouldn’t have seen my 7QT posts as it’s been 4 years since I wrote them.
      Always lots happening here, ordinary is my favourite, doesn’t happen often.
      Oh thanks, so many engagements, lots of fun.

  • se7en

    Would you look at that shout out, thank you so so much!!! You have totally made my day… I absolutely love that we are Parkrun friends on the far side of the world… it is always good to know that by the time you we start you have already done yours… so heartening… Thank you for following along on my journey, it has been a great encouragement to me…

    • Erin

      My pleasure 🙂 It is totally encouraging to know we’re doing Parkrun ‘together’. Pleased to know you’re encouraged by me, but really you’ve no idea how much your journey is giving me a ‘push’.

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