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Floorboards For A Bedroom

A few weekends back we turned out attentions towards flooring bedrooms. We are ‘on the home run’ now with only three rooms, all bedrooms to go! Which is fortunate as we are also nearing the end of our floorboard stacks. All timbers piles were dismantled and boards sorted into lengths.

First up we began with flooring Jelly Bean’s room, she was rather excited by this prospect and couldn’t wait to have her room floored.

Poor PC had badly pinched the nerves in his neck the day before but he bravely soldiered on and mostly alone as there were other happenings that weekend.  It was the same routine as always; placing green strapping to the floor for easier sliding of boards, gluing the boards, knocking the tongue and grooves together and then secret nailing.  We’re in quite a rhythm now after this many rooms, it’s rather automatic.


Bella as always we keen to be Daddy’s offsider, happily gluing boards and sweeping wood shavings.

It always amazes me what a transformation takes place as floorboards are laid.  As always I wonder aloud why did we take so many years to actually get to this job, but I know the answer, there were so many other projects to do too, and prior to PC’s brainchild of using the green strapping, flooring rooms with second hand timber was no easy feat.

The bedroom didn’t take anywhere near as long to floor as the living areas and the flooring was easily accomplished over the weekend. Before long we were nearly to the wall and running out of swinging space for the secret nail gun.

Then with the final few boards PC swung into action with his new ‘trick’, he pre-hammered a few boards together, tongue to groove, squeezed glue onto the floor and with the rubber mallet forced those boards down and into the space.  The boards are then screwed down into place and left to dry for several days.

Days later the glue is dry, the floor mopped and Jelly Bean has excitedly moved back into her bedroom 🙂

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  • Sarah

    It looks great. What a transformation! Your kids are learning such good skills from all these memory-making family projects. Some of my happiest childhood memories are family work projects like this with my parents and brothers.

    • Erin

      It’s a huge transformation, can’t believe how much I’m loving the floors.
      Yes lots of skills, lots of memories and mostly lots of confidence to tackle anything needing done. As I’m sure you’ve taken this attitude into your adulthood

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