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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 13)

Last Friday my sister and her husband were blessed with a son. Anthony Michael. Weighing in at 9lb8oz he is a big boy. Remember last week when I was waiting? All did not go well and after a long labour Anthony was delivered by C-section. Coupled with this my sister has ended up with breastfeeding problems that could have been totally avoided if she had been given proper care. Obviously large hospital maternity wards do not have a high rating with me at present. Please, please pray for my sister, I am so proud of her, she is an amazing woman and mother. Love you little sis:)

It is Anthony’s baptism this weekend and PC and I are honoured to be his godparents. This will be in the traditional Latin rite, neither of us have experienced a traditional baptism, we are very much looking forward to Sunday. Mostly though we are looking forward to meeting our new godson and the honour of being his godparents.

Talking about the weekend, guess who we are meeting? AND staying with!:) Can you imagine what we will be doing all night?? Talking of course. I promise to take pictures.

Whilst we are talking baptisms and meeting blog friends, in two weeks time I will be flying south to spend time with another special family. PC and I are privileged to be the godparents of darling Arwen. I (and Jem) will be representing us for Arwen’s baptism. Jem and I are staying for a whole week! Gae and I are planning on lots of talking too;)

Lots of great learning moments occuring this week. I’m pretty happy with our plans for this Term. I tweaked a few areas, consolidated others. The younger two have science experiments planned for a couple of mornings a week. They are really enjoying this; lots of thinking and learning moments. This week’s theme was ‘water and solids.’

History this term is Middle Ages for all bar Koala. My boys just love the Middle Ages as it means reading about Knights and Castles and making Medieval Weapons. This week it was Mangonels, next week….?

The ‘Big Ball of String’ is being used for many projects. Last night found cotton aerially criss-crossing the lawn and ‘swinging cages’ ferrying along the ‘cables’. Creativity seems to produce more creativity:)

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  • Angel

    Love the project photos. G has expressed the desire to study ballistics as science next year. I had totally not registered the fact that we will also be studying medeival history. How fortuitous! (I think I’ll put my first-aid kit together now. LOL)

  • Marilyn

    OK – I am totally envious – firstly this weekend – two of my favorite people together – I want to fly over!!

    Then you and Gae getting together.

    Congrats on your nephew! Praying for a good recovery for your sister.

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