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Our Journey North.

What a wonderful, busy weekend. We traveled North to meet our new little nephew, Anthony Michael (he’s a cutie)

and to attend his baptism. PC and I were privileged to be Anthony’s godparents.
This was in the Traditional Latin Rite and was incredible. All of my brothers (bar one) and sisters were there, and Monette and Michael’s parish community stayed to celebrate. The Latin Mass community there is awesome. The amount of young families is incredible, the noise during Mass was loud! It was so wonderful. I spent all Mass praising God for the ‘music’. When I attend St Luke’s I know that the Church is alive and growing.

We stayed with Anne and her family:) We had a lovely time, the children got on famously and we did intend talk for hours. We were very touched by their warm hospitality. Anne and I share a mutual friend, we had previously met very briefly at a funeral, have spoken on the phone and emailed. So it was exciting to finally really get to met in person.

I couldn’t resist showing this photo as finally I have a nice one of PC. Generally if he sees the camera pointed his way he pulls faces to deter me:(

It was a four hour trip, but the children (mostly) traveled well.

We were very pleased though to be home.

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Erin,
    Thanks for the rap about St Luke’s. Yes, we are very blessed. Little Anthony has had a good night and Mummy and Daddy finally got some sleep! It was Michael’s birthday yesterday. We celebrated in a very low-key way. M actually forgot it was his birthday until a phone call the night before from his mother!
    Thank you for coming to our celebration. I know it was a big effort. love to the children and PC.

    Monette xx

  • Tricia

    Sounds like a wonderful week end! If only all our parishes could be so full of families. We’ll just have to keep praying and inviting.
    Aren’t Anne and her family just wonderful!!

  • Marilyn

    So glad all went well. Beautiful pictures. Now how about a journey East to Virginia – your whole family is welcome! Not sure how we would fit everyone in – but hey, you are used to small spaces too!

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