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7 Quick Takes Friday (42)

We began lessons for Term 2 this week. Promising beginning; positive attitudes and great application:)

Our extra curricula activities have begun in earnest.
Princess and Michelangelo enjoyed ther first gym lessons.
Einstein played his first soccer game of the season, and won!
Koala began coaching Jelly Bean’s soccer team, very promising beginning and Jelly Bean was happy.
Carpenter has taken to the rigour of A squad training with a passion and has committed to 5.30am training seasons thrice weekly!

Due to the business of our afternoons our housework is suffering. It is time for a new timetable and for some systems to be installed and insisted on.

One benefit of our ‘season of the chauffeur’ is Koala will maintain about 4 hours of driving a week, including night hours. In NSW to be eligible to undertake testing for your P permit a learner driver must have accumulated 120 hours of driving, including 20 hours of night driving.

We spent time cleaning PC’s shed last weekend. We managed to clean about 1/3. So satisfactory.

PC is deep in his CPA studies again. Exams are next month and the pressure is on.

Michelangelo discovered two new titles of Battle Boy books in the Bookshop. He begged me to buy them, then proceeded to the counter punching the air and exclaiming in joy. His enthusiasm bought smiles to faces.

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