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RIP Ellowyn

Last Monday evening our much loved dog, Ellowyn (Ellie) was killed. She was caught up under the wheels of a passing car trailer on the Highway and died soon after. We are rather in shock and have spent the week missing her.

Three years ago on Christmas morn, PC and I surprised the children with the gift of their first dog.

They were beyond excited and she quickly found her way into our hearts.

Ellie was the runt of the litter and destined to always remain small,

but extremely cute.

Ellie had the most agreeable nature, happy to join in the fun and be a playmate.

I believe she thought she was one of the children,

a girls best friend,

and companion.

Any activity, she was there,

joining in.

Birthday party! Musical ‘cushions’! Me too!
Not only do we mourn Ellie but our friends miss her too:(

She loved heading down to the mailbox. It was just near here she was killed.

Throughout this week we have missed her by our side.

Ellie was always ready for new adventures,

particularly if it involved water and the children.

She was always there. (Truly Michelangelo is a born actor.)

Watching the boys joust.

Ellie’s favourite activity was to head out to the bush to work the cattle.
Being a Border Collie, with both parent’s working dogs, herding was an innate. She was her happiest then.

Swimming in the dam with the children was another favourite pastime.

She loved being in the water as they come hurtling down the flying fox,

right in the thick of action.

The logging interested her,

as well as the building work. She oversaw all deliveries.

She was always present for work parties.

During the months of milling, Ellie always accompanied David. She was in the car waiting as soon as he headed out, and she would sit by the mill for hours waiting to come back. A constant shadow.

We’re so pleased the children called her over to be in the Chrismtas family portrait.
RIP Ellowyn.

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