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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 43)

I have just finished reading Left to Tell and Led By Faith by Immaculee Ilibagiza. Immaculee is a survivor of the Rwandan holocaust. A deeply devoted Catholic with an incredible faith in God, her message is powerful. Despite the atrocities perpetrated on her, her family and her country she breathes a message of forgiveness. Forgiving her family’s killers, forgiving her fellow neighbours who turned on their countrymen. Very , very powerful.

PC and I have always felt manners to be very important. In fact I’m in the midst of creating a ‘table manners chart,’ which I’ll share in a later post. Today however I met a mamma who made me ponder anew the impression our children can give to strangers with their manners. This mamma had very high standards for her little ones and they met these standards! Very, very impressive children. I think it’s time to raise my ‘bar’ higher.

Our children have re-found their love of table tennis. They have been spending hours up in the shed playing. I’m looking forward to the time when we have our deck up and they can move the table closer to the house.

I have been working with our older two on writing a research papers; our topic is an author of their choice. I’m very happy with the work submitted so far and impressed with the skills being learnt whilst undertaking this new venture. Many thanks to Sally for her previous hard work.

Koala and I spent time creating a book covering tutorial, I may repost over here. We also undertook to record a video, our first!
I know I’m a little strange; good news is whilst doing this I undertook to teach Princess how to cover too. Never too young to start;)

Three fingers of our statue of the Sacred Heart came off:( Plaster and metal. Does anyone have suggestions on how to repair plaster statues?

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