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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 34 )

First week back at lessons this week. Jelly Bean was excited to be officially in Kindergarten!
Einstein thoughts on beginning highschool weren’t quite so enthusiastic;)
We started rather gently so next week will be the real stretch.

A couple of lesson logistics will need re-thinking, I’ll also spend time over the weekend writing a clear list of expectations. The children work more productively with defined direction.

After a break of a couple of years we have started back with swim squad.
They are training hard, we are seeing the benefits already.

The girls swimming lessons start next week. Today I took them to the park to play whilst the older children trained. They really enjoyed their special time with mummy, I realised we just don’t hang out at parks like I did when our older ones were little. Then again it appears no-one uses the parks anymore, it was deserted.

Well with two, soon to be three teenagers in the house our life is taking a very different shape. The rhythm of our life is rapidly changing as they start to have more outside commitments. PC and I are puzzling on how to meet all needs, one matter is clear, our lesson time will be closely guarded this year.

Exercise continues to be something I intend to do, I just haven’t started. Any secrets on getting started?

Last year I read nothing of great interest, this year I’m making better progress:)
Read so far: Ministry of Motherhood, and Heart of Motherhood. Currently reading Signs of Life.

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