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Milling Our Own Timber

Remember back in early December when we had our timber logged?

We decided to mill some of that timber ourselves for our verandah and decking.
We hired a Lucas Mill and in between extensions PC has tried his hand at milling.

Precision is important, and PC is nothing if not of the school of thought of measure twice, cut once.

PC and Carpenter are doing an incredible job. They are currently cutting the bearers and joists. Then they’ll change the settings to cut the decking boards.

They chock the logs and then cut. Logs take roughly an hour each to mill.
Beautiful red iron bark.

I am totally in awe of my husband!! I am convinced that there is nothing he couldn’t do if he wanted too.

I’m totally amazed at the strength of this fourteen year old too!

The pile is growing:) They are aiming to cut roughly 30 cubic metres of timber. Lots to go still.

I just can’t resist sharing this photo of Carpenter, he certainly is a cutie.

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