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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 100)

Can you believe I’ve written one hundred, 7 Quick Takes posts!!

Finally after hours of searching and agonising, I’ve ordered books for the children’s gifts for the Feast of St Nicholas.  Now I just have to pray they arrive in time.  Pretty excited about my choices, fairly certain they will be a hit.

Talking books I’m looking at these maths sites and considering purchasing a few.  Jelly Bean is struggling with the concepts of; reading larger numbers, place value, base ten and borrowing.  Anyone recommendations of ‘must have’ titles for this?

We had a major medical scare last weekend, Jem fell off the lounge and sustained concussion.  Anna Maria was in charge at the time and did an awesome job!! We are so darn impressed with her, as were the ER nurses, the surgeon and the paediatrician.  She dealt with some very scary moments on her own until we returned.  His CAT scan came back with the all clear but we spent our first night ever in children’s ward.  He rather charmed the nurses.

The next few months Jem needs to take it rather quietly with no more hits to the head. He isn’t quite himself, he has been rather quieter and more solitary but he still tries to climb.  Sunday morning he arrived home from hospital, Sunday afternoon I had to explain to him and Jelly Bean why stacking the bean bags in a tall tower and climbing on top was not a good idea.  Wednesday I talked him out of leaping from picnic table to picnic table at the pool.  Foolishly in reply to “Why?” I responded, “Because you will have to go back to the hospital.” His response was “But I like the doctors”.  We can but try.

PC and I have all but chosen our bathroom hardware.  Ouch!! the price hurts, seriously, $500 for a toilet!!! It kills me, I mean, think about it!  

This weekend, armed with Sarah’s recommendation, I’m planning on a photo shoot with my darlings.  Sarah’s photographs have been rather special of late, and if I manage to improve a little I’ll be happy.  Afterall, my ‘subjects’ are rather appealing too:)

This year might be the year,  the year I finally manage to complete and mail our Christmas newsletter.  I only have drafts for the past five years sitting in my Word documents. You never know, hope springs eternal:)

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  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    So sorry for Jem! And Anna Maria! Dear big sister! God bless her for doing such a great job:)
    Our Joey has had two concussions…one so severe that he could not recite the alphabet when asked…it is really important for your son to rest…even if he's feeling better…I have been reading up on concussions and they are more serious that I'd realized.
    Prayers for a full recovery for Jem.

  • Erin

    Jen and Jeanne

    I'd like to know more about MEP (I do remember Jeanne enthusing in a blog post a while back) Why are you both keen and how does it line up with Aust maths?

    Jem is alot better, thanks. Hard to keep from risky business though.
    Therese I did hear about J.{{}}
    I've been meaning to email you about Sam and Campion. I have a post coming re my C and her plans. did Sam keep in fb contact with the Summer Camp kids? are any going to C 2012?

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