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Whilst many lamented the demise of shared items in google reader and we began searching for a solution, my friend Gae offered to host a weekly sharing of posts, feel free to come over and join the party. The following I have managed to save in feedly, but as I haven’t yet found a way to share on my blog, Gae’s offer is most welcome. A smorgasboard of where my thoughts meander.

Hot off the Press, Adnil Press has a new site.
Angela of Three Plus Two fame has a new blog, And the Kitchen Sink. (I do notice she has diigo in her sidebar, mmm)

Working With Oilcloths
The Art Center
Picture Book Delight: Dan’s Angel
Sounding Out, A Tip Worth Trying

Freedom Education: Notes and Thoughts
Is Good Enough, Good Enough
My Biggest Homeschooling Mistake; Overthinking Methods and Philosophies
What I’m Never Going to Tell You

How To Save Money on a Gluten Free & Paleo Diet
Motivation’s Blind Spot
Homemade Stevia Extract
Pumpkin Cheescake
Grain Free Carrot Cake

Celebrating the Solemnity of Christ the King
Advent and Christmas Bumper Edition
Simple Felt Crown Tutorial

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  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    What a great list I look forward to looking at those ones I have not seen. i wasn't sure how many to add frankly, lol
    I was pleased to see Angela's new blog too.
    BTW I have my google reader shared items working again too.
    Thanks for joining in and encouraging this for us
    Love Gae

  • Sarah


    Have you seen Friend Feed? That's what I'm using now. I still read blogs in Google Reader. There is a little bookmarklet (like on Pinterest) on Friend Feed, so when I like something I read, I just hit "Share on Friend Feed." Then there is a blogger widget that shows up on my blog, so it goes right to my shared items there.

    I can follow other peoples' feeds on Friend Feed, too, and get those RSS feeds right to my google reader. So, for example, I'm following Elizabeth's, Pam Barnhill's and Suzanne Temple's. Then when they share something, I can read it right in my reader…

    Just a heads up. It's actually not a bad substitute for Shared Items in Reader!

  • Erin

    How did you get your google shared items working? is it only temporary?
    I have to admit this took a bit of work, not sure it is sustainable long term.

    I have seen friend feed, it just doesn't look as tidy as I would like. (btw who is Pam Barnhill?) Diigo (on Angela's new blog looks tidy, just have to work out how to use it) Oh and I've switched to reading in feedly and rather like it.

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