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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 103)

I’m collating a wish list of food books I would love to read, oh if only my library had them, I may yet have to purchase some.  Angela recommended Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health by  Gary Taubes, Katie recommends Wheat Belly by William Davis MD and Eva suggests Dangerous Grains.  They all sound so interesting.

Interested in what books the children received for the Feast of St Nicholas? The Saving Name of God the Son, Across a Wild and Dark Sea, The Squire and the Scroll, The Princess and the Kiss, The Orphans Find a Home, The King’s Thane, Sword of Clontarf, Out of a Silent Planet and Arms of Love.

Reading Jennifer’s #2 I so see myself.  I have just literally spent hours trying to decide what presents to buy our nieces and nephews, adding to and then emptying the shopping cart.  Is this the best present, or perhaps this?  Sooo hard to make those decisions, perhaps I also need to make a goal regards decision making. Although in my defence it was hard to find Faith books suitable to the under 3s set.

I have to confess I’m a list maker.  It helps keep all those scrambled thoughts in my head straight, I do not become overwhelmed and I love the satisfaction of working through my list.  Currently our whiteboard sports two long scrolls of paper.  One is headed: Christmas Wish List and each child has a space to jot suggestions and ideas.  The other is titled: Holiday Achievements and that list is growing too, activities and projects I would like to do in the holidays.  Fun times like, breakfast at the beach, and projects such as reclaim the vegie garden.   The children have their spaces too to plan.

As our oldest now finishes her studies I reflect back on many areas over the years, an opportunity to ponder and wonder, “What would I do the same/differently if I had my time over?” Oh wait, I do get to do it again;)  Tonight I’m thinking about habits, Charlotte Mason had plenty to say about habits, and really I think she was pretty accurate.

We’re doing fairly well in regards to Christmas shopping, for the first time ever we bought for half the children back in the July sales. Now we just have to decide what to get the other 4, and find their gifts. Talking present ideas, Pinterest is a great source of finding ideas, type in the search bar, “Christmas Gifts for ….children etc”

Bass is crawling everywhere now, quickly from room to room, still all in commando style.  He truly is a happy, gorgeous looking baby. Yeah, I’m totally impartial;)

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  • ellengable

    Hello Erin and nice to meet you! I'm also a huge list maker! If I don't make lists, I don't get things done or bought! I'm the mother of five sons (and seven babies in heaven) and also a Catholic author. Thanks for posting and sharing it on Conversion Diary's 7 Quick Takes. God bless you and your family!

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I'm a list maker, too. I don't even always need to refer to it after it's written. Those are great books, worth trying to get. Gary Taubes other book "Why We Get Fat" is less cerebral; a layman's presentation of "Good Calories, Bad Calories".

    And I sweat and take forever to finally click "submit order". In and out of the cart, searching and debating. Basically, I'm indecisive on some things!

  • jen

    Tomie dePaola has illustrated some good books on saints. I love her St. Patrick one as well as "The Holy Twins" which is written by Kathleen Norris and illustrated by dePaola. I will have to look into the first few you mentioned as well as investigate Jennie Bishop the author.

    One book on my 2 year old son's Amazon.Com wishlist is "Because I Love You" by Max Lucado. I heard it read at a women's retreat a few years ago and it was amazing.

  • Erin

    Thank you for leaving me a comment as I was able to follow to your blog. Delighted to find a Catholic author of courtships. I've sent your book reviews to my daughter and her friends. She was keen when I told her about you:)

    Knew we were soul mates. I'm still procrastinating over Christmas presents.

    You may find this link amusing
    Our advent candles melted

    True, that's why we can have multiple lists

    I was rather impressed with myself, otherwise we'd have nothing yet.

    How lovely to find your blog:) I've now read the books and they are lovely. Oh and we have that Lucado book, so sweet. a family favourite is "You are all my Favourites" has become part of our family culture.

  • Erin

    Thank you:) So honoured, do you mind if I don't do it until after Christmas?
    On the other end (as are you) I really realise the importance of habits now as I didn't before.

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