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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 104)

Last week I mentioned wanting to read a few wheat free books, I am now adding sugar free books to my wish pile. I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson and Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes us Fat by David Gillespie.  I’m also keen to make Stevia Extract, apparently Stevia can be bought at our local Bunnings store.

I’m currently overhauling our menu.  Not only to reflect my re-convictions regard grains and sugars, but in the need to be more cost effective and to honour PC’s request for less meat based meals.  Day of Discovery has collated an  index of blog recipes, and I’m combing through Sarah WilsonWellness Mama and Supercharged Foods for ideas too. To be honest I don’t really know where to start, too many ideas.  Does anyone just want to organise a menu for me?

I’m finally back exercising on my rowing machine.  My friend Reb is running 4 kilometres a day and has overhauled her diet including eliminating grains and sugars.  She is my inspiration.  Last week I spent an hour in a dressing room in front of a full length mirror and I have to say, the mirror was not kind.  Wishing my thickening waistline away hasn’t worked, I’m now rowing and considering what I eat.

Last weekend PC and I went to garage sales.  We found an awesome family Christmas present!  As my teens faithfully read my blog I can say no more, except… we’re pretty excited:)  Talking Christmas presents we only have a couple to buy and a couple to decide on, doing well.

Some years we really seem to have a great Advent Season, and some just don’t gel so well, this year is one of those.  I feel like I’ve ‘chased my tail’ and ‘dropped lots of balls’ the last fortnight.  However I have one week left, so if I am to think positively, there is still time.

PC’s bout with pneumonia is drawing to a close.  He is back at work full time and has begun working on the extensions again.  He is rather tired by the end of the day but doing much better.  Now if we could only find out why Einstein has been plagued by a headache for the past five days.  He had a massive bout of hay fever and then some flu type symptoms, so it is most likely that, although he does need to see a chiropractor occasionally for alignment issues.  It may well be time to have his eyes re-tested too.  Five days is rather long.

Carpenter has been working all week as a builder’s labourer for a friend, helping him extend his house.  Sixteen year old lads thrive on constant physical work, at least Carpenter does.  Anna Maria started volunteer work at our branch library this week and absolutely loves it!!  But I’m getting ahead of myself, I’ve promised a post on Anna Maria and her future plans.  It is sitting in drafts and will be ready to post tomorrow.

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  • Angel

    I agree with your first commenter :-).

    Hope your dh gets over his pneumonia soon. Have you tried making bone broth for him and your son? Put a chicken or a chicken carcass in a crockpot overnight with some onions, celery, carrots, garlic (or not) and fill it with water. I sometimes use ginger, too. Add some apple cider vinegar — raw, if you can get it. Let it cook on low all night or up to 24 hours. You'll have to salt it before you eat it, but it's really good when you're sick… or any other time really, but *especially* when you're sick.

  • Dwija {House Unseen}

    We've been doing a food overhaul lately, too. Mostly in an effort to cut out processed and mass produced foods, but also in preparation for the spring when we'll be trying to grow all our own produce. I'll be looking around at your homeschooling posts as this is our first year and I still have a lot to learn!

  • Erin

    Too true

    I'm always too nervous to try, but you make it sound easy

    So pleased we have found each other.

    I really need to write a post for you!!

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