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Undertaking Exams

As last week was the conclusion of our school year, the children requested that we have an exam week.  Some  thought it would be fun and older teens decided taking exams would be a good skill to develop. This meant a bit of planning and research into what to set.  In the end our exams consisted of a variety of approaches; a written essay, a purchased exam and online exam/quizzes.  As it was a week that included a major Feast Day we didn’t test all subjects.

English & Maths – CS Online Schools provided free assessment exams in Maths and English for our 4th grader through to 10th grader.  They also offered a writing exam for our 4th and 6th graders.  CS is affiliated with a Select school and the exams were not easy.

Reading Ability –  K12 Placement Test for the 5 and 7 year olds.  Not really needed as I know their ability but they wanted to be tested like the older children

Literature Analysis – Written exam under exam conditions.
Highschoolers: Time: 1hr
Length: 1-2pgs+Marking: You will be marked on cohesion and fluency.  Select a recent novel you enjoyed, write title and author. 
1.Write an outline of your novel’s plot in bullet form.
2.Select one character from your novel, describe your character and your reaction to him/her.

Literature- Written under exam conditions.
Primary: time- 40min
Write about your favourite character in a book you recently read.
Include title and author, name of character.
What was your character like? Why did you like this character?
Your answer must be at least half a page long.

Spelling – Morrison- McCall Spelling Test

Faith Friendly Defenders was a fun online quiz.  Primary, Level 1, Highschoolers (and Mum and Dad), Level 2. Lots of fun as we all tried to get 100%

GeographyTrivia Plaza has excellent online quizzes which we really enjoyed, lots of fun and laughter.  The whole family tried to outdo one another including Mum and Dad.

History SOTW Tests. We purchased these comprehensive tests that covered the entire book.  We’ll be using them in the future as we continue with the books.

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