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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 105)

On Tuesday, two days after Christmas, our friend Julie passed away in her sleep, losing her medical battle of the last several years.  Julie leaves behind her husband Dave and their three children; dd16 and ds’ 14 and 12.  Please pray for the repose of Julie’s soul and for Our Lord to surround Dave and their children with His love.  Our hearts are heavy.  A new awareness that time is too fleeting.

Remember during the Year of the Priest when many committed to supporting our Priests in extra ways?  In our home we were already praying daily for our parish priest and Bishop, and during the Year of the Priest we added prayers for our seminarians and all the priests of our diocese.  Even though the Year of the Priest is over, we need to continue to pray daily for our clergy, they need our prayers.


 Our combined family Christmas present, pool/air hockey table has been a huge hit!  Constantly there is a game in progress, some real talent abounds.  Jack Jack (5) is one of the keenest players and is getting quite good.

We’ve all been enjoying playing, and if my persistence pays off, I may yet win a game.  PC and I are rather pleased with the social aspect, makes it easy to kick back and relax and have a yarn over the pool table.

Talking Christmas gifts, did you notice that gorgeous apron I’m modelling? Designed and stitched with love by my darling Anna Maria.  If you looked closely you would also see me with a double pack of Tim Tams, yes they are all long eaten.  Another son copied seven years of photos onto my external hard drive, a true act of love, particularly when I discovered afterwards, there was a very scary moment when they thought all the photos were lost!!

What I’d really love to tell you about is my new addiction, no not Pinterest, I’ve already confessed to that one.   I love my new Kobo Touch ereader!  With a click of the mouse I instantly add to my library.  So many books to read.  Thank you PC!!!!!

I’m seriously thinking of ‘slurping’ my blog into blurb books. Perhaps one for each year of blogging.  PC says, “Go for it” so I really might.

I pinned some words of wisdom recently.   ” Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.”  Some very true words there, and indeed I did think of that prior to marrying my PC, and its true, they are very like him and I couldn’t be prouder:)

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