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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 106)

Bass has the beginnings of his first tooth!  He is also starting to pull himself up, holding onto the lounge or coffee table.  Cute as a button, little red curls and big smiles, he certainly takes all the love showered upon him as his due:)

My mother kindly gifted us a Cuisinart Ice-cream/sorbet/frozen yoghurt maker for Christmas.  I successfully made vanilla ice-cream and Michelangelo made a chocolate sorbet.  I haven’t yet made frozen yoghurt, first I need to make yoghurt. So I’m currently researching yoghurt making techniques/recipes.  Any tips, advice?

Does finding any empty plate in the fridge or an empty packet in the pantry really annoy you?  It certainly irritates me, talking to my friends I know our children aren’t the only ones guilty of this.  So what is the deal?  How hard is it to dispose of the packet, empty is empty.


PC has been home for a fortnight over the Christmas break, and we’ve been hard at work on a project (to be revealed next week).  With the noise of the saw we were totally bemused by the confidence of this big fella as he lay in the shade watching PC work.

Around our place the kangaroos do come rather close and often into the backyard like this,  but still his casualness was surprising.  He stayed and watched PC work for over an hour.

Back to School sales are currently on and I confess I’m rather tempted by all those stationery prices.  Normally I’m teasing PC because he rather loves stationery supplies, working in an office he appreciates the need for ‘good tools’.

This summer we purchased a family Season Pass for the local Swimming Pool and are rather pleased we did.  It enables us to enjoy moments like this afternoon, when we drove to town for a swim before tea, only sharing the pool with one other family.  Precious moments.

Our teens always have busy social lives in the holidays.  Not only have they caught up with their friends at our two annual parties, but have they have hosted visits including a movie night; 3 boys and 3 girls plus our own crew, and we have another couple of rounds of parties to come.  Another LAN party and a ‘chick flick’ movie night. The pool table has also been rather popular.

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  • Erin

    It was very surprising.They are getting bold

    Dad found it yesterday, so don't feel bad, I hadn't seen it either and I'm his mother!

    Thought you may enjoy the photo, I'd love to capture one of kangaroos boxing, I've been trying.

  • Conservamom

    What a great picture of the Kangaroo. My husband and I both got a kick out of it! He looked like he was just enjoying watching what was going on.

    I also still get a kick out of hearing all the talk about summer and back to school since we are in the dead of winter. I hope your Christmas was a Blessed and Happy one and that this New Year is full of Blessings for you and your family!

  • jen

    love the kangaroo!!!

    I'm with pc on loving office supplies. one of the hardest things about the first fall i wasn't in school was that i didn't have to go to staples or office depot and drool over notebooks and pens.

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