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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 107)

You can now find me over at Goodreads, my new Kobo touch has been running hot and I’ve got lots of books to chat about.  Trouble is I’m so busy reading I haven’t time to write, but I will.

I had every intention of beginning the Whole 30 Day Challenge, and I have, with a success rate of 99% each day. Despite not being 100% on board I have already lost 3.2kg (7lb) in the last fortnight!  More importantly I can see the difference.  Honestly I hadn’t realised to what extent my extra weight was bothering me until now:):)

PC bought Jack Jack a child size pool cue and his game is really improving.  Some of the children totally stun me when they sink ball after ball, and, my game is improving!

This weekend I plan on finishing my lesson planning.  I spent today at our learning blog fine tuning and posting, and I’m feeling a keen interest to dig deep into a Geography unit this year, a year long visit to each Continent.

Michelangelo was discussing his Birthday present yesterday.  It has become a family tradition to receive an ipod for your 13th, so he was partially hoping, partially assuming come July he would receive one.  Then again he casually tossed out with a hopeful grin, “Or maybe I might get an ipad?”  Not likely Son!

Most holidays I create lists a mile long and often achieve all sorts of goals.  These holidays I have consciously not written lists, nor have I achieved much, but I’m okay with that, I’m relaxing.

We’ve been rather hit by more devastating news this week.  Our electrician lost his wife last week, they were away on holidays when she had a heart attack, she too was only 47 and also left behind teenagers; 16 and 14.  In the past 2 months in our town, 3 wives/mothers have died, all 45-47 and all leaving behind children in their early teens to early 20s.  Our friend P is rather devastated as he is mates with all three husbands.  Please pray for these families.

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