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Our Journey Battling Acne

A major factor of acne is diet, as I shared previously, the skin is an organ of elimination and the toxins inside the body lead to inflammation in the skin resulting in clogged pores, hence acne.  To treat acne we must remove the toxins by treating the cause but we can also nurture the skin.

We considered and investigated standard acne creams and antibiotics, but the more we researched the more concerned we became.  The consensus was, once begun on this route you had to continue using these harsh bleaching creams which evidences supports it could led to the liver becoming permanently damaged and the long term use of antibiotics could lead to irritable bowel disease.  In the conclusion our teen made the decision to try diet and natural skin products.  When selecting natural products we are fortunate to have a dear friend who researches extensively and knows what is the best on the market, so we were guided by her.

To help aid internal healing we use Liquid Probiotics, putting in the ‘good’ bacteria to fight the ‘bad’ bacteria.  This regime really makes a noticeable difference.  Multi vitamins for another teen particularly helps.  This could be the inclusion of Vitamin D as another sibling feels plenty of sunshine aids in their improvement.

Skin Care consists of the use of  Body Scrub and Body Wash regularly, using only a tiny amount lathered on with a sponge. Also we intermittently use a Purifying Mineral Mask, an absolutely brilliant product.   We are still uncertain as to how much scarring has occurred but have been using Coconut Oil and  Manuka Honey topically with good results.

In the spirit of honesty we confess that our dedication to this regime ebbs and flows, it all takes much work, both the diet and the internal/skin care.  So we couldn’t say, “it has all improved in x amount of time” as we have added over the months and some months we are less diligent.  We can conclude it makes a big difference and we’re certain if we were more vigilant we would have faster results.  We’d love to hear from readers who are also battling acne and how their journey has unfolded.

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  • ccc

    My two oldest children have battled it for years as my husband said he did too as a teen. Both of those children produce extra oil–it is evident in their hair and face. I believe this must be the hereditary factor leading to severe acne. Over the years they tried natural methods and the antibiotics and prescription topical creams. Sometimes it would improve, only to get worse again. It certainly did improve in the summer with sunshine and swimming in a chlorinated pool. My son has it also on his back and tops of arms too. His is gone on his face now, but still on upper back even though he wears his hair short. He is 21 and still battling this. Since it is not on his face anymore,he has stopped doing treatments of any sort. My daughter on the other hand had enough and when she turned 19 she decided to go on accutane. I was so unsure of this decision, but it was really affecting her emotionally(the acne). She has completed the treatment and she had to be on maximum doses for maximum amount of time(that's how bad it was) and she now looks like a new girl. The scarring is there, but it's not that bad and she can hide it with some cover up make up. I think I will tell her about the coconut oil you talked about. Her dermatologist had recommended the creams that women use for stretch marks and it seemed to help a little. I wish I had more answers for you–we tried everything. diet, prescription and herbal/vitamin and for my son it was getting older and growing out of the facial acne and for my daughter it was accutane. Don't know how you feel about accutane, but now I wish we had done it sooner for my daughter. I was so afraid of it. She had no side effects either.

  • Sarah

    Acne never was an issue for me, but I know it plauged my husband as a teen, and now it's making his 14 year old sister quite miserable. This will be an interesting discussion to pass on to her mother. I know she hasn't found much relief from the standard over-the-counter cleansing creams.

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    I battled horrible acne on my face, chest and back as a teen and into my 20s when I finally had my own money to get Accutane (my parents didn't want to get it for me because it's such a scary-sounding drug). It's the nuclear option, for sure, and not to be done lightly, but I only wish I had done it sooner. During the time of all the treatments I had prior to Accutane, I suffered through many harsh chemicals on my skin, and some of them didn't even seem to help, despite having been prescribed by dermatologists. However, I finally did find one topical treatment that is both gentle and effective on my now-occasional pimples: Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster. Shake well and apply just a tiny drop. One bottle has lasted 10 years for me (the 10 years since I took Accutane). Other Dermalogica products weren't as revolutionary for me, but of course each person's skin is different. I have so much empathy for what your children are suffering, and I pray they are delivered from the acne soon.

  • Collette

    Hi! I've always struggled with acne…even now in my 30's I'm dealing with acne *and* wrinkles, lol! In my teens, a dermatologist put me on a strong antibiotic for 6 months that did nothing to help my situation, but did affect my overall health for the worse – all the side effects you read about anitbiotics are very true in my experience! I've looked into all the different creams, too, and came to the same conclusion as you did….although I do compromise a bit and use a gentle combo of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide from time to time, when my skin is very broken out, to help calm the inflammation so healing can begin sooner. For long-term healing I've found the detoxing/healthful eating to be the biggest help, especially avoiding grains, just like you wrote in an earlier post. I always see big improvements after I've been grain-free/eating lots of veggies for a few months. Exfoliating has also been very helpful…I read that oily skin tends not to be able to exfoliate itself (like it's supposed to), which is a major contributor to acne, and so I use a very fine exfoliator-scrub at least a couple times a week. It has made a big difference for me in the long-run, especially for maintaining healed skin.
    Hope you are able to find a good solution soon, I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be! Sounds like you are on a great track… 🙂 Blessings, Collette

  • Frances

    I also struggled with acne when I was a teenager. It's the most embarrassing moment of my life. My mom helps me out to cure my acne by choosing the food I eat. She monitored my diet and find an Acne treatment suitable for my skin. The PuraSkin Total Acne Solution together with my proper diet helps me diminish my acne. I know it takes a lot of time and effort but it's worth the wait. You can check my acne treatment here.

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