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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 111)

PC is in mourning, after 21years of faithful service our lawnmower has finally died.  A Victa that had seen hard years of service even before we purchased it.  Now a decision will be forced, do we buy a ride-on or buy another ‘pushie’.  Do spare a thought for PC as he buries his mower, he is extremely attached.

For the National Year of Reading our library is hosting a photo contest, the photo is to; capture individuals or groups reading books in “interesting’ places. Which photo should I enter?  One with a child hanging upside down on the lounge whilst I read to several children, the one of my daughter reading whilst hanging the washing or should I keep the camera handy for the next month snapping away.  One funny moment I captured but alas without the camera, was my daughter walking through the shopping centre with the baby strapped to her reading the e-reader.

Today Carpenter happily came home with a game he purchased and was keen to play with his siblings.  As I type my children are becoming proficient Poker players. “So Jelly Bean, what did you learn today?”
“How to play Poker” mmm.

Trail Guide to World Geography has been a new acquisition this Term but I was floundering in maximising its potential.  After asking the company if the Student Notebook was ‘worthwhile’ and receiving this response: “It is definitely worth it
if you are going to do any of the mapping activities. The main benefit to the
student notebook pages is that it’s a starting point for your student to make
their own personalized notebook. The digital download will have the daily
questions listed with spaces to answer, template pages for Trail Blazing
activities, and one or maps to go along with each lesson.”  
I finally purchased and downloaded the  notebook, we now feel clearer in our direction.

After sharing my book purchases a little too soon last week, I have been ‘caught out’.   There was a ‘hicccup’ and I didn’t purchase when intended.  Finally I was able to checkout my basket today when……I discovered that the The Bird’s Gift: An Ukrainian Easter Story is now only available for double its previous price.  Very disappointed as Gae insists it is a must.

Our boys were rather excited today, I contacted Telstra to discuss what bundle deals they could offer; to include landline, mobile and internet.  I received a very good deal, but for the boys, they were thrilled to discover we go from an internet download of 12 gig to 500gig!!

Looking for some book recommendations for your teens and pre-teens?  I’ve been reading An Irish Maiden’s reviews, wishing our library carried them, I’m particularly interested in the Mismantle Chronicles, Irish Maiden caught my interest when she shared, “Now these books I am still reading they are (in my opinion) better than Redwall because they are more fast paced.”

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