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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 116)

Our children have some big website plans under-way, they are very excited.  I can only give you a hint, what do you think of the name; Faith, Family & Fun?

So very proud of Jack Jack last weekend.  Despite being very overwhelmed and overcome with anxiousness he persevered with his soccer games.  By the conclusion he was staying on the field and even declared it fun.  So proud of big brother Michelangelo who was willing to take to the field with little brother, stay with him and coach him through his anxiety.  Jack Jack wouldn’t have made so much progress if it wasn’t for Michelangelo.

We ended up digging deeper into April’s Anzac Unit, there were some excellent links there, we particularly enjoyed the Anzac Kids word puzzles.

I’m rather impressed with myself at present, last night I baked a….chicken! A whole chicken!!:)  I’m so darn clever don’t you think.  Yes 40 years old and only just baked a chicken for the first time, but then I’ve only begun cooking chicken in the last year, I’m late to the white meat scene.   Next I’m trying my hand at making chicken stock:)

Princess and I have been enjoying some mother/daughter movie nights.  We’ve borrowed a bunch of ‘girlie’ movies and thus far have enjoyed Anne of Green Gables.  Little Women is next up.  Of course no girlie nights are complete without chocolate.


Thoughts on our learning plans are currently focused on finding a balance between strong foundations and natural learning.  Inspired by Choice Time, we are focusing on Maths, Language Arts and Faith first up in the morning, followed by Choice Time. Each child has selected their area of interest and we are digging deep.

Motivated by this pin I’m currently compiling a list of photography challenges.  Trouble is I want to improve all at once, at everything.  I suspect I need to narrow my focus.

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  • Rob

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm well past 40, have roasted many a Thanksgiving turkeys, but have never baked a whole chicken. I grill chicken often tho.

    I dunno how to cut up a chicken either. I just watch for skinless, boneless chicken breast to be on sale, buy a truckload, divvy them into Ziplock freezer bags, and then stock up my little freezer.

  • Catherine

    Hi there!
    Love the new Autumn background; it's very pretty. 🙂

    We had a girls' night in last weekend, and enjoyed watching "Dolphin Tale". I mention it because it's a great family film, so it may interest you also.

    Enjoying catching up with your latest news.

  • Erin

    did a turkey breast for the first time last Christmas, was rather proud of myself then too:)

    Thank you, and do join in.

    Thank you!! planning on joining in soon. and I enjoy your blog{}

    Thanks for the thumbs up:) adding to list.

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