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My May Photography Challenge

Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion it is vitally important to be involved in a creative pursuit, an opportunity to ‘re-boot’. During the last few months I have turned my creative energies towards photography, keen to improve my skills.  Whilst ‘chopping off heads’ is a ‘skill’ of the past, I have plenty of room for improvement.

Browsing through pinterest I found a few photography challenges, a great way to help me focus, however none of the challenges were quite ‘me’, so I’ve tweaked and added. Realising my interest is in specific areas I focused my challenge there; my family, our bushland and landscape.  Over the month of May I’m planning on sharing some tips and my photos (I really am an amateur) via either a daily or weekly update.  Are any of my readers interested in joining in?  If so I’ll set up a linky party.

Day 1:A photo from a high angle
Day 2:A photo from a low angle
Day 3:A photo of changing light
Day 4:A photo of something close up
Day 5:A photo of something from a distance
Day 6:A photo of focusing on eyes
Day 7:A photo depicting an emotion
Day 8:A photo that involves landscape
Day 9:A photo of the sunset
Day 10:A photo of the person you love
Day 11:A photo that has a colour scheme
Day 12:A photo playing with shadows
Day 13: A photo that incorporates motion
Day 14:A photo with clouds
Day 15:A photo of wildlife
Day 16:A photo of flowers
Day 17:A photo of trees
Day 18:A photo of something rustic
Day 19: A photo after dark
Day 20:A photo of one of your favourite places to be
Day 21:A photo of daily life
Day 22:A photo of sibling love
Day 23:A photo of friendship
Day 24:A photo of smiles
Day 25:A photo that touches your heart
Day 26:A photo of something that makes you laugh
Day 27:A photo of the bush(suburbia, city etc)
Day 28:A photo of candlelight
Day 29:A photo of hands
Day 30:A photo of play
Day 31:A photo of love

*Sharing over at Pam’s Making it Count Tuesday

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  • Anonymous

    I'd sure be interested in joining in but my blog is in a serious state of disrepair at the moment… will look forward to seeing your photos though. The interesting thing about a challenge like this is the interpretation.

  • Vicky

    This is a great idea, Erin:-)

    I'd love to take better photos. I'm a terrible photographer, at the moment, but, if you decide to go ahead, I'll join in and see if I can learn something:-D

  • Chareen

    Hi Erin

    I am with you on this one although internet Access is extremely limited here. If and when able I will join in 🙂

    We have just been given a SLR camera that I am keen to learn how to use.

    I would love to know more about your resources as well.

    I am a serious amateur and would love to know how to drive a camera so that my captured memories would give me pleasure instead of frustration.

    In anticipation of learning with you this month.

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