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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 118)

Today a couple of dear friends, my daughter, baby and I headed north to a local book sale. It has been ages since we’ve been to a booksale, arriving at opening time was a great decision as was taking cloth bags (plastic bags break when you overfill;).  With the cost set at $6 a bag and children’s books free!!! we were guaranteed to find some bargains.  We came home with five huge bags full of gorgeous picture books as well as a number of other treasures.  My best find of the day was an OOP Vision book, but the absolute BEST find of the day was discovered by friend Rebecca.  Never will I forget the picture of Rebecca as she lets out this gasp, grasps a book to her chest with arms wrapped around, twirling in circles as she hyperventilates and gasps , “oh, oh, oh”.  The mad book searchers for two tables distance all come to a standstill and watch her.  “A good find?” they ask.  The book??  John of Sydney Cove by Doris Chadwick, complete with a perfect dust jacket!!!!  The price?  0c, children’s books are free!!  Yep, this book that is fetching $200, Reb nabs for 0c!!  I LOVE these books.  Lucky for Reb I already had this book or I may just have committed a crime for it.  The dust jacket is gorgeous, I made her promise faithfully to cover it in plastic.  Jeanne are you reading this!!??

I was touched this week by this beautiful story of sisterly love.  A gift made for a ‘big sister’s’ wedding, by the younger sister.

Last week I asked for advice regards the ‘most important skills to graduate with’, the advice was; Faith, essay writing, logic, maths, computer skills and time management.  Thank you so much for your guidance, plans have been written up and all advice incorporated.

A couple of readers have enquired as to why sometimes my comments appear as a pop up window and other times the whole page reloads.  The answer is, sometimes I enable threaded comments which means the whole page has to reboot to view the comments.  So mostly I disable threaded comments as I prefer pop up windows.

Fe asked last Friday for the link to the hair cutting youtubes we watched.  How to cut your man’s hair was our favourite, the other one I watched sent me to sleep.  Thanks to the youtube I feel I have managed the best shaping thus far:)  Still have a couple of other areas I want to improve on.

Princess has begun piano lessons and we are considering a digital piano, our upright has a number of jammed keys.  We visited our local music store and I fell in love with the Kawai, now I’m spoilt, I must have a Kawai, the problem, they are slightly over the price bracket:(

I’ve spent time this week pondering and reflecting upon just what studies are the most important to focus upon, for all ages.  Furthermore, how to translate my reflections into the practical.  Planning on coming back in a few weeks and sharing further.

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  • Jeanne

    I'm reading, I'm reading! All the way from Cambodia as well. What a find! I'm still looking for John and Nambaree. Maybe one day it will be me doing that happy dance!

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Love to hear great book finds! How can the children's books be free? What a fantastic sale!!!! Which Vision book is it? One of the harder ones to find?

    I couldn't even find that book your friend found in the bookfinder listing. Is that really the title? I found the author, but couldn't find the book. Haven't heard of her or these books, now you have me jealous and intrigued. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Glad you found some treasures. You went to the book sale and didn't tell me you were going! I only found out about it by chance because I happened to go to the library to pick up a book. And I was totally unencumbered. 🙁

  • Erin

    I didn't think you would be on line and would miss this awesome news! So pleased you didn't:) Thinking and praying for you in Cambodia. Me too, me too, luckily for Rebecca it wasn't John of Nanbaree or I might of tossed her off the ferry on the way home;);)lol.

    your recent book sale spurred me on to go to ours. Knew you'd be shocked at the children's books being free, mind you the children's books are only one table, the adult fiction and non-fiction took up the rest of the room.
    Bk was Frances Warde and the First Sisters of Mercy , knew you'd be interested:)
    I think I need to do a blog post for you re Doris Chadwick, really worthy of that distinction.

    I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for Elise. sorry I should have thought to ask you, next one is in October. Did you get to the sale then? without any children? Reb's warrior dance was wonderful:)

  • Linda

    Wow! I can just imagine the look on her face – I know how excited I'd be, and I already own all three books!

    We're actually beginning the series again this week, as we have once again begun our Australian studies.

    We never finished 'John and Nanbaree' with the older ones, so I'm determined to get through all three this time! 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Linda, be careful. I may need to lynch you in a dark alleyway somewhere.

    Erin – Did you know I went to a library today that was 1000 years old. Just imagine! Sadly the room was empty. I took a photo of me in the entry just for you. Appreciate your prayers. xxx

  • Erin

    Can't believe you own all three!!!!! 🙂

    Linda's coming for a visit, now if she HAD to bring the book;) we could lynch her together:)
    Wow 1000yrs!!! Why no books:( How sweet of you, you know what I want to be when I grow up;)

    is F Warde a rare one?

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