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Photography Challenge Showcase – Week 2

Join us each Monday in May as we endeavour to have fun whilst striving to improve our photography skills with a challenge. This week we have focused on Days 8-14, next Monday we’ll be sharing Days 15-21  Many thanks to those who joined in last week’s showcase, in particular Chareen who joined in whilst on her ‘Safari’ in South Africa!

Day 8: A photo that involves landscape 
Taken at sunrise

Day 9: A photo of the sunset
Taken from a moving car

Day 10: A photo of the person you love

Day 11: A photo that has a colour scheme
Okay an old photo, however it displays a great photo tip, keep to three colours with a large group of people.


Day 12: A photo playing with shadows
I set this to ‘baby mode’ for softer skin tone

Day 13: A photo that incorporates motion
Couldn’t choose so I’ve shared both,

however the baby moved my tripod here, hence the blurriness.  All photos were taken with a tripod except for days 9 & 11.

Day 14: A photo with clouds
Taken at sunrise

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