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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 128)

There is a slight possibility I could be developing a new addiction. Within the space of a fortnight I have purchased five new pairs of shoes! For a gal who previously thought four pairs sufficient for any woman’s wardrobe I’m ‘scratching my head’ at myself.  Brand new high heels in various colours, plum, pink, metallic blue and black are too great a deal to miss for a $1 a pair!  Now I only need an outfit to match..and perhaps a handbag?

This morning I attended a local booksale with Princess and a couple of Anna Maria’s friends.  We had a good time and scored a few decent books, a couple of children’s bibles, a book by Margaret Early and some promising fantasy novels for my boys.  A nice little haul, though not anything you’d ‘snatch someone bald’ over.  Hanging out with my girl’s friends though did really make me miss her company more than usual.

On the subject of books which you would ‘snatch someone bald’ over, a dear friend gave me a very special gift last night….John and Nanbaree!!!!!!!!!  Not sure that PC really understands the importance but he dutifully touched the cover, and yes it has a perfect dust jacket!!!  Thank you my friend:):)

Last weekend PC and I were honoured to become godparents to a sweet baby girl, Grace Catherine.  Being godparents is a role we take seriously,  such a responsibility.

The last fortnight has been jam packed with life, first our nephew’s 21st and family get-together, then camp and Grace’s baptism. We’ve also been sharing our home with special friends for the past week, with 19 for most meals (and 22, 27 and 30 for others) we’re very grateful for a large home (albeit uncompleted).

A few random comments in the last few weeks have a blog post ‘in the making’, but for a teaser…. what you read on blogs are truly only a snippet of people’s lives, for various reasons the author chooses what to share, this may present a picture that her life is a bed of roses an astute reader will assume that there are thorns strewn amongst the roses.  Anyhow I’ll be back with more thoughts.

Uni holidays are this week, most of Anna Maria’s friends have gone home, not our girl though, she is diligently working through the holidays, we are counting down the weeks till Christmas when we see her again, sniff, sniff.  Proud of you Sweetheart{}

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