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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 129)

Last call for submissions for October’s Homeschool High School Carnival.  Suggested topic is “Writing and Composition in High School” or you may choose to share on any topic, golden oldies are most welcome too.

Currently we’re all about kefir here, both water and milk kefir grains are growing and multiplying.  The milk kefir is declared a success, makes a delicious smoothie, but we’re just not sure about the water kefir, it has a taste of ginger beer which we are not fans of.  Anyone have any suggestions of ways in which to use water kefir?

Weeks back I mentioned a lack of success in short shopping for our girls.  Shortly after we went op shopping and scored success after success.  Shorts and skirts galore, beautiful skirts for the girls as well as for me.  Now if only I could find dressy tops that I liked, a hard ask indeed.

Jem celebrated his birthday this week with an outing to our local ice-cream parlour,  it’s a family tradition to celebrate with just a parent (or big sister) for birthdays.  Jem insisted that Bass, Jack Jack and Jelly Bean should also come, finally we talked him down to just Bass attending, I figured a baby wouldn’t take the focus away from him.  Obviously though I now realise we need to work on the ‘hunting in pack’ mentality and encourage a few individual outings.

Trophies are rather prominent here at present, firstly Einstein received the ‘Best and Fairest’ trophy at camp, it goes to the child most outstanding, he was totally unsuspecting and totally honoured!!  A real boost for him.  Then Jack Jack received a trophy at our soccer presentation, the coaches, ‘Most Improved.’  Soccer for Jack Jack began as an exercise in extreme anxiety, many a game was too overwhelming for him, ‘he didn’t know the people, didn’t know what to do etc’  Let’s just say I was extremely grateful that he is our 7th and not our 1st;)   He has matured incredibly and we are so proud of him, the trophy was lovely icing.

Whilst next week will still be school holidays here we’re planning on starting lessons.  I’m still pondering how to rekindle our passion and savour learning.  We have a rhythm that provides structure and yet allows for spontaneity but it still lacks passion, perhaps this is just a lack of energy?

Mystie’s posts on poetic housekeeping are inspiring, all about viewing ‘keeping house’ in a spiritual light, both in the poetry of keeping house itself and in serving God through our work.  A lovely collection of books are recommended too.

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