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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 135)

Tuesday Jem announced that he wanted to be Superman, I asked him “Why?”  he replied, “I want to fly!”
Immediate visions flashed through my mind of Jem launching himself of the roof in his mission to fly!!  This after all is the child who has sustained concussion not once but twice, who at the age of four has already undergone two cat scans for said condition.  Instantly I knew this was no moment to encourage creativity and imagination.  “I’m really sorry Jem but you can’t fly” I was simply blunt, “however we’ll go find your Superman outfit and you can dress like Superman”.  Fortunately he was happy to abandon his flight plans for dressing the part.

Jack Jack has been suffering with hay fever, clicky throat and itchy red eyes.  Surfing around Pinterest I discovered cotton balls soaked in milk and placed on his eyes can relieve the irritation.  It’s a little hard to tell but he does seem to be blinking less and they look less irritated after application.

Talking tips, a new summer dish we are enjoying is ‘lett-tillas’ (as opposed to tortillas).  An easy way of removing the lettuce leaves intact is to ‘bash’ the heart on the bench to remove and then fill the lettuce with water, the leaves then fall apart.

A few weeks back our children once again ran in our local Fun Run, the younger children (and I) ran 2km, the older boys ran 5km.  To see them happily having a go always impresses me, as a bonus Carpenter and Jelly Bean placed 3rd in their age divisions, and Carpenter and Einstein placed 17th and 18th overall in the 5km.

Saw an extremely odd sight heading into town this afternoon as I whizzed along the highway.  I noticed a car pulled off and in the bush I caught a fleeting glimpse of three guys with an animal strung up in the tree, it appeared they were skinning or cutting.  I can only assume they had found a dead kangaroo and thought, “fresh roadkill!”  I sure hope it was fresh!!

Next week I’m heading in for a loong overdue hair cut, in fact I’m planning on some style. I’m needing something long enough to tie back yet easy to maintain, something that makes me feel great about myself, yeah glamorous sounds good;)  Any suggestions?

Bass is officially weaned but… for the past five mornings at 4am he awakens and howls.  The first morning he took 2 hours to settle, I baked banana bread at 5am that day, the second morning he took an hour and a half, that was the morning I sorted an enormous mountain of washing at 4.30am, the third morning we reduced the time and we are now down to 35minutes from awakening to sleeping again. Throw in a couple of wake up calls with 2am ear aches with another child and, well, we’re rather tired.

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