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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 140)

This week I realised my strategy plan of pegging our small boys’ computer time to the baby’s nap time was excellent!  As it is the holidays I diverged from the game plan, and their hour in the morning instead, hence then informing all, “No computer today after lunch.”  That afternoon whilst trying to settle the baby the small boys barged into my room no less than ten times with trivial matters.  Bass took a long time to settle.

We also diverged in other areas during the past week, we suspended the no grains, and baked with wheat flour and sugar.   Surprisingly we discovered we no longer like the taste of wheat muffins, cakes and biscuits (cookies), and we found the taste of the sugar too sweet.  Taste buds can indeed change.

My 40th year is drawing to a close and I can only say, I love being in my 40s!  Not only have I discovered I can occasionally develop a backbone and have instilled healthier boundaries, but I have also developed a healthy case of sang-froid.  Whereas once upon a time, life’s challenges would have me ‘flapping like a chook (chicken)’, I mostly now shrug and remind myself, these challenges don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life.  When I do begin to ‘flap’ I generally manage to ‘get myself in control’ quickly.  Really looking forward to seeing what my 41st year will bring.

Einstein kept me amused this week, a few times he read picture books to the small boys.  It all began one night when he came out rather horrified, “Mum have you read Miss Bilby?”,
I stuttered, “Yes”
“Well do you know what it is about?” rapidly turning the pages he read “The fox waited for Miss Bilby and when he missed her he seized her little sister”  “Mum what a terrible thing to read to Jem (4) at bedtime!”
“Oh you’re right” I agree, “is he very traumatised?”
“No but I am!”
Then the next few days he continued to critique each book he read to the boys, finding many disturbing incidences.  In desperation I asked, “what do you suggest, should we toss these books?”
Blithely he replied, “Oh no, they’re interesting”

Whilst the girls were away for the past fortnight at Grandmas’  we developed a nice routine with the small boys, best of all, the fortnight was harmonious.  It always fascinates me how the absence of only one or two children makes a big difference in dynamics.

Holidays are nearly finished and I realised today I haven’t bound our year books!  As I like to keep the ‘paper tiger’ tame I need to undertake this project asap.  Each year I bind all the children’s work into one big binder (more than one for some children), they treasure these books and always are inspired to new horizons for the upcoming year.

Reading around blogosphere I’m rather inspired by all the book posts and thus I’ve decided to begin to regularly post reviews on the books I’m reading.  As I’m a speed reader who gulps books at rapid rate I should have a few to chat about;) I greatly appreciate all the recommendations I’ve gleaned, I’d like to give back and to, months ago a friend asked for titles, so finally I shall share.

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  • Laura Pearl

    I found your blog today on Conversion Diary and I just love it! I have added it to my "Favorites." I checked out several of your other posts already. The kitchen you and your husband made for your girls for Christmas was inspired–I'm tucking that idea in the back of my mind for the future (I have twin granddaughters who are 19 months old).

    So happy I found your blog!

  • Ruby

    Good on you for prexerving the childre's work so faithfully. That is no small feat.
    And to LauraPearl – I have 19month old twin grand children, too, Boy/girl

  • Angel

    I think Laura Pearl has given me hope. I would love twin granddaughters! This 7th boy has really been showing his mettle lately; feels like I might be pregnant with twins again, but I know it's just one!

    Erin, I would love to hear your recs for Australian fiction and non-fiction. I'd really like to read some, but don't know where to start. I'm having trouble getting going on fiction in general, actually. I've finished the books I was reading and am not in the mood to read anything I have on my shelf.

  • Erin

    You have just made my day:) Welcome!! Thank you for your lovely comments. Twin grandchildren! Congrats to you and Ruby:) And to have grand-daughters after all sons!

    It is a big job but I wanted to assure the children that their work was precious.

    Do you find yourself astounded to have (nearly anyway) 7 sons!? I do, well six, I sometimes say to dh , "We have six sons!! Six!!"

    Regards my Aust recs are you referring to Adult reads or both children and adult? (I know I still owe Katydid an Aussie bird post)
    I've actually just started an Aussie adult fiction theme, the books are waiting at the library for me to collect, am also reading lots of Aussie explorer books, including adult bio (and children's) so should be able to post on that soon.

  • Annie Kate

    Happy birthday! Getting older can be great in so many ways.

    When my oldest were young, I wasn't allowed to read scary books like Hansel and Gretel. The younger kids can deal with a whole lot more.

    I haven't bound our children's work, ever. I just collect the best stuff and put it in a box, but the idea of making books for them is just wonderful!

  • Erin

    How's the food change planning going? Are you going cold turkey or gradual change?

    Annie Kate
    I'm in the midst of binding now, I'm planning a post just for you:)

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