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A Pool For Christmas

This Christmas we rather ambitiously decided to buy a pool, due to budget constraints it was decided that a 2nd hand above ground find from ebay would be the more prudent option.  After laying out and marking for size, we hired a dingo digger to take off the topsoil, however a malfunction with the digger decided us on the course of digging it all by hand!  What back breaking hard labour and whilst all had a turn of helping, the majority of the work was undertaken by Einstein, you’re awesome son!!  With Carpenter coming in as second backstop!

After the soil was removed it was time to add, spread and level the sand, then onto unfurling the wall and erecting the sides.  This was very time consuming and a real exercise in patience, the truth is, we did wonder a time or two if we had finally met our Waterloo.

Stretching the liner into place was not easy and tempers were slightly frayed by the conclusion. Working in the blazing sun was rather uncomfortable to say the least.  The fence was the next major task and then finally a few weeks after Christmas the pool was ready!  The pool is in constant use with the children swimming daily!!:)  A major acknowledgment to not only our children but my incredibly awesome husband, you are indeed a legend!!!!

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  • Ingi Mc

    Nice (if hot) work guys! Hope you have many happy hours enjoying the efforts of your labours!

    We bought a demountable above-ground jobby from eBay – best $1000 ever! We levelled out our yard (but one corner dips a bit) and we put it up every summer and take it down every winter – I think I can relate to "tempers frayed"

  • harvestingjoy

    That's so cool! (lol) Glad you finally made it, but I have to admit that I am feeling slightly discouraged. I almost had hubby convinced to undertake this same project, but given the struggles your building-confidence-filled family had, I'm afraid we would be sunk before we even started. 🙁

  • Legolas

    'What back breaking hard labour and whilst *ALL* had a turn of helping'

    Yes I am sure YOU must know how difficult it was digging that 'hole', because ALL of us helped didn't they!? *sarcasm alert*

    Love Carpenter

  • Erin

    Is it a big pool like ours? (9m by 4.5m)? I couldn't imagine taking it up and down each season!

    Were you thinking brand new or 2nd hand? I do think it would have been lots easier if brand new, even though our sellers did awesomely number and label everything. It was a big job. and probably digging by hand just added to it.

    This is called poetic licence! one doesn't need to bog down readers with all the nitty-gritty details;)

    It's wonderful watching them all swim together:)

    A much bigger project than we realised but they are all thrilled now it is up.

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