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7 Quick Takes (Vol 139)

My apologies for writing 7 Quick Takes back to back but, I’ve been rather busy this week…..

Lesson planning, and all is progressing well.  Plans for our younger children are completed and now I just need to finish the older boys plans.  If you are keen to view just leave me a comment and I’ll email you the blog link.  Feel free to adapt, a couple of my friends do so often.  After posting plans for our eight year girl this week, I wrote to a friend, “Dear R, plans for your W are now up!;)”

The needs of an older child has consumed time and energy, life was certainly easier when they were all younger!  The outcome is rather exciting and life changing! Apologies for being rather cryptic, but stay tuned and I shall reveal in due course.

Lots of themes for blog posts did march through my head, I’m a person who thinks about many topics and have strong opinions on some, however I always worry by mounting my soap box here, or by sharing my random thoughts I may inadvertently offend someone.  Cause I simply don’t know all who read here and those who do read are a divergent lot.

My children asked me the other day if I had ever rung the wrong number, of course, haven’t we all?  So, what did I do? they wanted to know.  Well chat of course, what else do you do?  I reminisced about one lady I ‘meet’ who I became good phone pals with, an older lady who was housebound whilst caring for her husband who had alzhiemer’s.   She was rather lonely, we would chat about once a week, in time I lost contact with her, I still pray though and wonder how she is.

Let’s talk empty nest syndrome, it occurred to me today that I am very blessed to have had more than my ‘pigeon pair’, (well I’m often thankful for my blessings) I had a chat with another woman who now has an empty nest and she wants to ‘borrow’ some of my darlings.  This is not the first time I’ve this sort of conversation, women admitting with hindsight and wisdom that they could have made different choices.  My heart bleeds for them.
*These were conversations with women who made choices, not infertile or sub-fertile couples, no hurt or judgement intended to any women.

Talking babies, have you hear Sarah’s news!!!!!  When it rains it pours, first a much longed for babe after years, then then the excitement of another so quickly, then the absolutely stupendous news that she is expecting TWINS!!!!! Three babies in a year!!!

Book reviews are some of my favourite posts to read (I enjoy writing them too;).  It’s a great way to find new titles, potential new friends, Sarah and Christy’s lists are responsible for the new pile on my beside table!  Bloggers are posting lists of ‘books I will read in 2013’, I’ve been looking for the ‘perfect one’ the list that will magically inspire me to new literary heights and improve my mind.  Finally I’ve come to the conclusion why no list appeals, I realised I am a binge reader.  I dig deep into themes or authors, actually my children are the same, they love to find new authors who write whole series.  So my kickoff list for January is, to read Australian historical fiction, my new binge theme, as well as the pile on my beside table courtesy of S & C.

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