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7 Quick Takes (Vol 138)

Just realised I haven’t written any 7 Quick Takes for a month, PC will be thrilled, he is my biggest fan and always disappointed if 7 Quick Takes are not ready for his enjoyment immediately after dinner on a Friday night.  So here goes…

After trying several remedies, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to remove mildew on clothes with total success is bleach.

Thinking exercise again (yes I know, I need to do it, not just think), anyhow I keep stumbling across bloggers who are runners, and whilst all the health advocates recommend walking, I used to love long distance running…..

When are you a mega blogger?  Is it the number of followers you have? If so, how many make you mega?

After discussing pencil sharpeners, I seriously want a Boston Ranger 55.  My friend Jodie assures me it has withstood her nine children for 6 years, I’m sold!  Now as to the price, or more to the point the postage:( however I’m waiting to see if a multiple order will reduce shipping. 

I’m on the look out for a photography challenge or two.  Something that each week challenges me to work on a new area and improve.  Do you know of any?

Next week I’ll only have five boys at home, including the three little ones.  Not having the girls here changes dynamics and I may well have to step in and play with the boys myself throughout the day.  Oh this takes me back.  Anyhow as we’re still on holidays I’m thinking of forming a loose routine, a ‘little kids summer camp.’ I’d love suggestions and links:)

We now have a lovely collection of Faith picture books, including saints picture books.  I’d really like to read each book on its corresponding feast day but I keep forgetting, blush.  Years back I collated a database with all our saints books listed under their feast days, (it needs updating). I’ve two solutions, printing a paper copy or perhaps each book to have a colour sticker(for month) and date written on it. Mmm as I write this I think the first is the better solution, what do you think?

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  • Sue Elvis


    Run! You will enjoy it. It's hard work to begin with but there's nothing like running along with the wind in your hair. You probably remember this from your long distance running days. And if I can run, anyone can!! I'd love to share your progress.

    God bless.

  • harvestingjoy

    I like your quick takes too! I often look for them on a Friday night – no pressure or anything! 😉

    I probably didn't tell you I started running, did I? It lasted about a month and then it got hot… I was using a great app on my ipod called 5K run. It guides you through the process of working up to a 5K run. I actually quite enjoyed it, even though it was hard. Now I'm supposed to be milking the cow each morning… I don't know when I'll get back to it. I had planned to be able to run 5K before April. We shall see…

  • Considerer

    Re: photography, I always find that a good way to challenge the ol' 'subject finding' capabilities is to go on an alphabet photo walk, where 26 photos are taken, the subject of each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Not easy in the same location each time and certainly tough going.

  • Annie Kate

    I love your quick takes. Running is fun, but why not take a stroll while you're thinking about it? You never know. You may start running just thinking about it. I know I would if I were healthy enough to do aerobic exercise.

    As it is, I just try to walk. In the snow that's a serious chore, and today I was having visions of being carried back home on Mr. 17's shoulders. Instead the kids broke the trail for me and that made it do-able. We had such a lovely time in the woods with the dog, and Mr 17 propped up some trees that were bent over after a very heavy snow fall last month.

  • Erin

    Wow I have a few readers who are runners! and walkers:) oh shame on me, I need to get moving!

    So touched that you like my 7 Quick, really they are often random thoughts that I jot down through the week.

    Googled mega blogger, still no answer.

    I do like the photography idea, I'm toying with that or 365, a photo a day. But I'd post once a week, 7 in one go.

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