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7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 141)

Last week we were reading about the Creation and also about atoms and molecules.  Small wonder that when I asked Jem (4), “Who were the first man and woman?” his response was “Atom and Eve”.

Sharing another Jemism, we currently are blessed with two new priests, Fr P, newly ordained loves to use the 1st Preface during the celebration of Mass, the prayer with the long litany of saints.  Jem’s real name is rather unusual and is included in the litany, he listens intently and gets extremely excited when his saint’s name is invoked.  A couple of weeks ago, he turned during the Consecration, and with great excitement exclaimed loudly, “Father said my name!! He must love me!!”:):):)  Oh so sweet, and funny!  Father (whom we are good friends with) asked after Mass, “What did he say?”  He thought it was funny too.

Preparations continue for Carpenter’s departure, he has been quite organised with lists, all written in a book, steadily the lists are diminishing.  Farewells, financial and medical forms, STAT test preparations,  sorting and packing and myriad other details are covered by lists. (Yes, a listmaker just like his parents;) Only 6 days till he sits his STAT exam and 8 days until his departure.  May we ask for your prayers that he goes well in his STAT exam.

Talking Carpenter and departure, whilst we thought we’d been diligent in imparting living skills to our children, we’ve discovered a few ‘gaps’!  Somehow he has missed out on knowing how to iron!!  I’m sure you can guess who is on ironing detail this week.

In preparation for outfitting Carpenter for College we hit the clothes shops this afternoon.  We scored some great buys and he’ll depart with confidence in his wardrobe.  Unlike many women I’m not a keen shopper for myself, I’m easily overwhelmed with choices, rarely find what I like and believe most articles are overpriced.  However I always enjoy shopping for others, finding it easy to make decisions and often score great bargains.

Next week we’re ordering our electrical hardware:):):)  We’re only weeks away from electricity throughout the house, so very, very excited!!!  it has been a long time coming.

We’ve been back at our studies for the last three weeks, whilst the first couple of weeks were slightly disjointed, we’ve been studying hard and achieving lots.  I’m not too sure yet whether, despite best intentions I’ve been overly  ambitious, I’ll give it a couple more weeks before making any decisions.

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  • Ruby

    I know what you mean about not enjoying shopping for yourself 🙂 I also find everything for me very overpriced and sometimes amaze the family with the bargain bits and pieces I find for others.
    I hope your son's final days and leaving all go smoothly. It is a big life event for him.
    Wow to getting electricity on! It is not easy to survive without it these days.

  • Laura Pearl

    Atom and Eve! I love it. Your little Jem sounds like a cutie-pie (what a great age).

    I'm keeping you and your oldest son in my prayers. It's hard having them go off, isn't it? And don't feel bad about the ironing–somehow my boys never figured out clothes folding. They are becoming pretty good cooks, but they are so messy with their clothes! I always joked that they were going to need wives! (I think what happened is I did too much for them.)

    Have a good week!

  • KJL

    I can relate to number five very easily! I'm not only terrible at shopping for myself, but I'm really not good at putting together stylish ensembles for myself either!

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