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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 143)

We’re into our fourth week of the new school year and all is humming along nicely here, but….. I’m thinking of making some tweaks of course;)  Currently we have our basics covered nicely, you know, the four Rs, so no change needed there.  However I’m considering how to delve deeper into the ‘subject’ areas; history, geography, science and nature, yes deeper with Faith too.  My plan is thus, rather than try to do a little of each weekly, we’re going to focus on one area at a time, perhaps for a fortnight, perhaps for longer, dig deep, make connections and when we’ve exhausted our interest then focus on a different subject.  So what do you think?  Any opinions, tips?

For the past week, and for the next, two of our children have been visiting with Grandma, as it’s school term we sent our independent learners, Michelangelo (13) and Princess (11), so I’m certain they are working as well as enjoying themselves.  Which has left only Einstein (15) and the four youngest at home, very strange, very strange indeed.  Interestingly we discovered that if we work solidly we can achieve all our learning goals in three days, the younger children that is, not our highschooler.

Dynamics between the four youngest are interesting too, not so many conflicts between certain personalities, mmm, interesting indeed.

Talking our darlings, our oldest decided to dye her hair blond!  Going from very dark hair to a strawberry blond was quite a difference.

We’re digging deep with a Papal unit over the next few weeks,  checking out Willa’s unit with lots of links, Mayan’s lapbook and in particular Jessica’s incredible lapbook!!  Not too sure if we will do a lapbook or just convert to notebook pages.

In preparation for our papal study I ordered a couple of books, Joseph and Chico has arrived, but…I messed up and ordered the Spanish copy!  What to do?  I know nobody who speaks Spanish, and I still haven’t my English copy:(:(

Made stir fry with prawns for tea tonight, I find peeling prawns distinctly unpleasant. Talking food, I confess to being rather bored with cooking, I want to be inspired, to create masterpieces, but I’m in a slump, any suggestions?

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  • Anonymous

    hi Erin,
    i just found your site and i've been devouring it! so lovely of you to share your lives in this way.
    very inspiring.
    God Bless,
    Claire in Sydney

  • Erin

    How delightful to 'meet' you !:) and God Bless you for your kind words. Do keep in touch.

    well I could have bought them peeled but they were nearly double the price!

  • Laura Pearl

    Erin, I am tickled when you speak of having a proper tea, as in an actual meal. I'm of 100% British blood on my dad's side, but a total American (meaning I rarely even drink tea–because I'm too busy drinking coffee!)

    As for being in a cooking slump, do you have a crock-pot or slow cooker? We're staying at my oldest son's house, and I can 't believe the delicious meals he's been creating for us using a crock-pot. (It is amazing to me that he has developed a passion for cooking, which was never in evidence while he was growing up!). He just follows these recipes where you chop everything up and put it all in the pot to simmer, and about 6 hours later you're eating something that tastes gourmet. I have copied down four recipes in the past week or so. I have a crock-pot at home, but I rarely think to use it!

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