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A Love For Reading

One of the greatest joys as a homeschooling mama is sharing that moment when your child ‘clicks’ with reading.  Jelly Bean (8.8) has finally reached that coveted place.
As I walked through the loungeroom this week, catching JB reading to Jack Jack I rejoiced.

Not only was she reading to him but in turn she was encouraging him to read after her.  Too sweet:):)
It has been a long road to reach this point, the bookworm challenge certainly helped, indeed it has helped both our new readers.  JB and JJ(6.8) have read over 40+ books, and both their reading skills have improved drastically.  Jelly Bean is now capable of tackling most words, it’s just a matter of strengthening her skills and building her confidence. Though her confidence improved dramatically when she had the ‘lightbulb’ realisation of “I can read!“:):)

Finding books for a later reader is always a challenge, matching up ability with interest takes some searching.  After Jelly Bean refused to read any more ‘readers’ and declared she would only read picture books I recalled a special book that has filled that divide for a few of our children.

This Treasury of Fairy Tales was a delightful op-shop find ten years ago and now holds a fond place in most of our children’s memories.

The language is challenging and yet simple at the same time.  It’s best feature though is the print, I’d hazard a guess to say it would be about a 28 font, therefore making it totally non-intimidating to a young reader.

With interesting plots, rich language and superb illustrations it is a perfect choice to bridge the transition.

Delighted to be at this stage in her reading journey.

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